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What is the false rejection rate of smart lock fingerprint recognition

With the popularity of smart locks, we often encounter various problems when purchasing smart locks, such as some professional terms about fingerprint locks that we cannot understand, such as what is smart [detailed]

Shenzhen Cyberrose Technology Co., Ltd.
Is it safe to disable the QR code on the door? How is the function?
What convenience does the intelligent pedestrian walkway gate bring to personnel access management?
What are the application advantages of the swing gate system?
Popularization of knowledge about half-height and full-height translational gates
Shenzhen Tengyuan Zhituo Electronics Co., Ltd.
Wireless video surveillance case of forest fire prevention in Saihan District, Inner Mongolia
Those things about LED display brightness adjustment
Indoor anti-theft equipment-classification analysis!
What are the functional advantages of the QR code access control module?
Tianjin Zhiyi Times Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Ease of Wisdom: Intelligent Management to Build a New "Internet of Things +" Ecology
What does the wireless AP carry capacity have to do with it?
Akita launches new industrial switches
How to determine whether a switch is powered by standard PoE?
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Characteristics of JDC type safety sliding contact line

The cross-sectional area of the guide rod is conceived as a special shape, and its axial moment in the aquatic and vertical position is increased, so that the guide rod is excellent in bending resistance, thereby better protecting the current collector contact shoes and the guide rod detailed]

What are the application advantages of the swing gate system?

What are the application advantages of the swing gate system? Hangzhou Leisheng intelligent quick-pass door products have the characteristics of safe use, stable operation, and durability. While paying attention to security and safety, they also pay more attention to user experience. [detailed]