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Anti-static work clothes
Anti-static work clothes
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【a brief introdction】
The anti-static work clothes are made of high-quality polyester continuous fiber fabric, and have all the special requirements of high-grade dust-free clothes. (Dust-free, filterability, comfort, durability, difficult to adhere, easy to wear) imported high-quality conductive wire to ensure the product's excellent antistatic performance.

  Anti-static work clothes

  • Anti-static split suit
  • Selection of high-quality polyester continuous fiber fabric, with all the special requirements of high-grade clean clothes. (Dust-free, filterability, comfort, durability, hard adhesion, easy to wear)
  • Imported high-quality conductive wires ensure excellent anti-static performance.
  • Dedicated polyester long fiber thread sewing machine, unique sewing process and technology.
  • Advanced imported cleaning equipment, Class 10 and Class 100 clean rooms can provide services to customers with strict requirements.
  • Advanced testing instruments and methods and strict quality management system ensure that each finished product has high quality.
  • The barcode management system tracks the use of clothing.
  • At the same time, it provides cleaning services for work clothes and is used in various levels of purification rooms.
  • Application areas:
  • Electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor, liquid crystal, medicine, biology, engineering, optics, aerospace and other industries.

  Anti-static work clothes

Shenzhen Haiwei Dahang Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in anti-static products and clean room cleaning supplies. Product performance has reached the advanced level of similar international products, and is widely used in electronics, semiconductor, LCD manufacturing, PCB manufacturing, precision machinery, food processing and biochemical pharmaceutical industries. Our tenet is people-oriented, environmental protection for all employees, energy saving and consumption reduction, and continuous improvement. Provide customers with quality products and efficient services.

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