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Facial recognition channel gates play an important role in university dormitory buildings

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With the development of society, the safety of universities is also listed as the top priority of campus management. Today's universities are almost all open management. Students and other people are very convenient to enter and exit, and the management is relatively loose. The management of university dormitories is even less rigorous, especially during the start of the semester, when people are relatively intensive. To sum up, to better ensure the safety of campus teachers and students, install face recognition channels at the entrances and exits of dormitory buildings. Gate is a kind of management means to effectively guarantee safety.
Face recognition gate
Facial recognition channel gates can play a key role in the management of university dormitories. In the beginning of the school season or in normal times, there are often many people coming and going in the dormitory. The management of the dormitory alone will have little effect. If you want to prevent unrelated people from entering the dormitory, you need to use technology. To manage. The face recognition channel gate uses the human face as the key, and the student's face is entered into the relevant database when the student moves in. This way, you can open the access gate by directly brushing your face when you pass. It is more convenient and more convenient. Safety.
Compared with other methods such as swiping a card or opening a door with a fingerprint, the face recognition gate is not only faster, but also effectively avoids the situation of forgetting to bring a card, which makes the safety of the university dormitory building more convenient and guaranteed.

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