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Leaders of Hangzhou High-tech Zone visited Hikvision

4828 2009/5/27 4828

Leaders of Hangzhou Hi-tech Zone visited Hikvision On May 20, Shang Guosheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hangzhou Hi-tech (Binjiang) District, Jin Zhipeng, member of the District Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee, visited the key enterprises of the Hi-tech Zone and went deep Understand the development of the enterprise, and send policies, services and warmth to the enterprise. During the visit,

On December 26, the promotion meeting of the bus dynamic video surveillance system jointly held by Ningbo * Bureau and Municipal * Bureau was successfully held in Ningbo. The leaders of the Zhejiang Provincial Office * Meng Qingfeng, the Standing Committee of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Bureau Director Wang Huimin, and the Deputy Mayor of Ningbo City, Su Limian and other leaders attended the meeting. Hikvision supplies this system

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