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Kuaiyu Technology has 7 years of research and development experience in the field of audio processing and communication. It is mainly engaged in the design and production of CTI computer voice communication systems and security audio monitoring products. At present, the main products are high-tech products such as telephone call centers, pickups / monitors, telephone digital recording, voice noise reduction DSP chips, and other telecommunications value-added service equipment. The users of the fast fish technology products have spread all over the country, and they have been successfully applied in various industries such as industry, civil, aviation, and military.

Kuaiyu Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the people-oriented principle and has gathered a large number of domestic software and electronic technology professionals. It adopts the employment policy of "valuing talents, cherishing talents, and caring for talents", so that the quality of employees is sublimated in practice, thereby forming a wealthy Dynamic, innovative technology, marketing and management team. At the same time, Kuaiyu Technology Co., Ltd. also maintains close cooperative relationships with many famous universities and research institutions at home and abroad, which has greatly enhanced the company's technological innovation capabilities.

Kuaiyu Technology has established a complete product and service guarantee system. In addition to regular customer technical support services, the company also provides services such as collaborative development, overall solution consulting, and customer on-site support according to the actual needs of customers, enabling the company's services to be fully recognized and trusted by users, and to become an important competition for the company Advantage. While maintaining its traditional advantages, Fast Fish Technology is constantly innovating, focusing on new market hotspots and expanding new business areas.

Looking forward to the future, we will work closely with various units in the concept of "integrity, collaboration, innovation, and pragmatism", and work together to provide customers with more efficient, convenient and humanized software and hardware products.

As a leader in the audio surveillance industry, we continue to innovate and create in technology, providing Z-quality audio surveillance equipment to more than 30 countries worldwide. No matter the public inspection department, government, bank, airport, school, there are a lot of successful application cases of fast fish pickup. We have undertaken a large number of key projects, such as Tiananmen Square, the National Letters and Calls Administration, the People's Bank of China, the Capital International Airport, the Beijing Metro, the Shenzhen Universiade, and the Chongqing Public Prosecution Law.

The qualifications and honors of Kuaiyu Technology include: a director of the China Security Association, a member of the American Security Association, a top ten brand of China Security, a brand recommended by the China Supervision Institute, an Intel software partner, a Beijing high-tech enterprise, and an independent import-export enterprise.

In August 2012, Quickfish technology products will be fully upgraded and a new concept audio monitoring system will be launched, so stay tuned.

TRADIO series fast fish pickups and noise reduction products

Fastfish Technology is also excellent in other areas:

1. In August 2009, the "Astronaut Psychological Assessment Software" was accepted at the China Astronaut Center. The software has been successfully applied to the selection of the second batch of Chinese astronauts such as Liu Yang. Kuaiyu Technology Company's technical experts took 8 months of hard work to complete the compilation of all software and algorithm implementation.

2. In May 2009, the National University of Defense Electronic Teaching Material Library has been used for the comprehensive management of national university teaching materials and lesson plans.

3. In October 2001, the "Communication System of a Certain Medium Range Missile Launch Vehicle" greatly improved the original communication system.

4. In July 2006, the "Confidential Telephone Command Center System" was accepted by the Central Bureau's Confidential Bureau.

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Beijing Kuiyu Electronics Co., Ltd.'s main products: high-definition jewelry conference camera-desktop window intercom audio management server-medical care host Address: 9th floor, Haitai Building, No.229 North Fourth Ring Middle Road, Haidian District, Beijing Tel: 15612999964 Phone: Fax: 86--
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