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Talking about the value and price of three roller brakes

2019/12/4 Reading (1348)

People who have studied philosophy know that price and value are two different concepts, but the relationship between the two is interdependent. Now Xiaobian will talk about the value and price of the Three Roller Brake.
The value of three roller brakes:
We have all been to the mall for consumption. Each customer has his own intention to consume, what to buy in the mall, what is the consumer demand in the heart, this is the value, it is not worth your purchase. The same is true for the three-roller brakes of Nicoma. In the mind of the customer, it is not worth the cost. If you choose the brand of Nicomax, you must first buy three-roller brakes without the need for three-roller brakes. The purpose is to choose which model is more suitable for the needs of customers ( (Vertical, bridge, etc.) Of course, this is a customer's request. We cannot force it. We can even choose full-height gates, swing gates, wing gates, and shift gates. After influencing the customer's mind, what plan do we give the customer, and clearly tell the customer what functions the three roller gate has, the width of the land, the traffic statistics and the introduction of the access control system. These will clearly tell customers in the design plan, which can be done and which cannot be done. Don't tell the truth, be realistic and down-to-earth, so that the customer clearly uses the value of the three-roller brake.
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Price of three roller brake:
The price of the three-roller brake is a very sensitive topic. Many people are very concerned about the price. In fact, the price of the three-roller brake is a comprehensive price. It depends on the customer's configuration requirements. To put it plainly, it is like going to the mall to buy a computer. You choose the model. , Configuration, and requirements are different, the same model, configuration is different, technical requirements are different, prices are also different, three-roller gates for access control, three-roller gates for fingerprint recognition, three-roller gates for face recognition, three-roller palm veins Gates, security gate three-roller gates, etc., their configuration is different, the use occasions are different, but also indoor and outdoor use are different, we usually quoted prices are relative, we often have to communicate clearly with customers, According to the customer's request for quotation, you cannot quote at will. As a manufacturer of three-roller brakes, Nicoma is also responsible for customers' quotations.

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