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Fujian Huanyutong (MEEYI) Spring Festival Holiday Notice

188 2019/12/26 188
Fujian Huanyutong (MEEYI) Spring Festival Holiday Notice

In the blink of an eye, it was the end of the year. This year is also the 20th year that Fujian Huanyutong has finished. Looking back, the future resounded. The Golden Rat is returning to the Spring again, saying goodbye to the old age, we will continue to move forward, adhere to the original intention, pragmatic innovation, benefit the society, and give back to customers. First of all, sincere new year wishes to new and old customers

Chairman of Huanyutong Xie Jianhua was selected as the candidate of Quanzhou's 2019 economic figure. "Quanzhou Evening News" reported on December 16, 2019: Since the launch of the 2019 Quanzhou Economic Annual Meeting, it has aroused widespread attention from all walks of life, and more industry elites have actively participated in "Quanzhou Economic Person of the Year & r
On November 23, the 2019 annual meeting of Quanzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Vocational Education Group was grandly held in Quanzhou Information Engineering College. The relevant leaders of Quanzhou Information Engineering Institute and members of the group gathered together to share the development of Quanzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Vocational Education Group in 2019. And in-depth discussions on future development.
On November 15, Academician Zhang Jianwei of the Hamburg Academy of Sciences, Germany, accompanied by the staff of the Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Research Institute of the Haixi Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited our company. Chairman Xie Jianhua of the company introduced Academician Zhang's profile and the company's artificial intelligence products in the fields of smart medical care, smart security, Internet of Things, etc.

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