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Cloud eradication in blockchain smart firefighting opens a new era of fire danger prevention and control

Read: 5943 Published: 2019/11/21
Since its birth in 2009, blockchain technology has been receiving widespread attention. On October 24, "blockchain" became the theme of central politics & the eighteenth collective learning. XXXX emphasized at the meeting that it is necessary to take blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.
With the continuous advancement of smart city construction, fire safety issues have become increasingly prominent, which has brought considerable challenges to fire safety management. The high frequency of fires and the prominent fire hazards in the "three small" places have become a major problem for urban management. With the advancement of science and technology, the intelligent fire-fighting information sharing technology based on the blockchain has become more mature, and the fire management department's mode of corporate fire management has also changed accordingly.
Blockchain, solving trust problems with security
Blockchain is a distributed shared ledger and database. It has the characteristics of decentralization, immutability, leaving traces throughout, traceability, collective maintenance, openness and transparency. It mainly solves transaction trust and security issues. Blockchain is a new application model of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanisms, and encryption algorithms. In simple terms, it is to store data on each node in a distributed manner, and each node connects data through a consensus mechanism. Its main feature is decentralization, which can effectively ensure the security of data.
Enterprises used to store data on one server before backing up to other servers, and now blockchain technology puts all data directly on all servers, and no one can control who. Who has changed the data and when it is changed can be recorded in a timely and accurate manner to facilitate future data tracing and ensure the security and reliability of the data.
New era of smart fire prevention and prevention of blockchain
As we all know, real-time fire warning is very important for smart fire protection construction. In recent years, driven by industry professionals, blockchain technology has developed rapidly and is gradually applied to the field of fire protection, adding new vitality to fire management.

Based on the core technology of the Internet of Things, making full use of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, China Fire Cloud's self-developed fire-aware eye-fire hidden danger prevention and control service system has served more than 1,500 communities across the country Covering more than 25 million people, it has helped grass-roots managers build a three-dimensional fire safety prevention and control system, early detection of hidden fire hazards, and prevention and protection of personal and property safety.
After continuous exploration and research, China Consumer Cloud Group has made great achievements in the field of blockchain smart fire protection. Based on this, Zhongxiao Cloud has created an intelligent fire protection platform based on the Internet of Things. It has gradually been applied in cultural relics, creative parks, energy storage, high-rise buildings, campuses, hospitals and other scenarios. As more and more companies begin to actively understand and promote the advancement of blockchain fire protection technology, fire authorities have also tried to use the blockchain to innovate fire management models, and achieve comprehensive implementation from different levels of data, applications, perception, and network Convenient sharing of data information and high reliability and security.
Blockchain smart fire fighting boosts new fire management model
In the past, the daily management of enterprises in fire protection facilities was mainly through manual inspections and manual records. Smart fire protection effectively monitored all types of fire equipment and fire protection systems in the city for 24 hours to achieve real-time fire early warning.

After 2018, the technology research and development of smart fire protection on the blockchain has continued to increase, and fire control authorities have also begun to use daily emerging technologies to implement daily fire management, and new fire management models have accelerated. So, compared with traditional fire management, what are the advantages of blockchain smart fire?
On the whole, the blockchain smart fire protection enables the large-scale city's fire protection work to be carried out safely and to share information. It promotes refined management such as informatization and networkization. The rational use of information technology to standardize and upgrade the fire department Management level, and can meet the new needs of urban fire management.
With the help of the blockchain smart fire protection, enterprises, customers, and service providers can be effectively connected, and the source, authenticity, and maintenance of the equipment can be traced, and the false reports, authenticity and falseness in the circulation of fire protection equipment can be further solved. Problems, thereby significantly reducing the operating costs and potential risks of fire management.
What impact does blockchain smart fire control have on product manufacturers?
At present, although the blockchain smart fire protection has not yet spread in various regions, industry insiders are still very optimistic about the development prospects of the blockchain. After all, the technical advantages of complete traceability of the entire blockchain blockchain and information that cannot be tampered with are almost irreplaceable. It is believed that in the near future, the blockchain smart fire protection technology will soon be widely used.
As a product of the era of big data, blockchain smart fire protection can provide an effective risk assessment model for urban fire safety through blockchain technology, and analyze the general location and problem areas of disaster distribution in each area of the city. Secondly, the blockchain can implement an automatic consensus mechanism, provide point-to-point information transmission, information routing and other functions for the fire department, and manage and store smart fire sharing information, so as to realize real-time fire early warning. Users in various industries will be more convenient and convenient in daily fire management.

Zhongxiaoyun Group's fire hazard prevention and control system based on blockchain technology can realize 24-hour uninterrupted use of various system platforms such as smart electricity, smart water, smart smoke detection, smart gas, key unit networking, and video surveillance. Data monitoring, alert tracking, data analysis, timely discovery of various safety hazards in the process of electricity, gas, fire water, etc., and timely prompt warning information to relevant persons in charge, real-time monitoring of various types of data and upload to the cloud platform, Realize remote hidden danger warning, real-time visual monitoring of fire conditions, daily inspection and fire command and other functions.

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