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How to eliminate the lifting column short!

Read: 1505 Published: 12/6/2019

Lifting columns are the main force of outdoor intelligent vehicles. They are of great use in vehicle flow and vehicle diversion, but if there is a short circuit during use, it will be a very headache. Especially in the hot summer and long-term working circuit heating, not only is it easy to cause short circuit, but also it is easy to cause the lifting column motor or electric box to burn out, causing the hydraulic lifting column to be paralyzed and unusable. Therefore, it is important to check the wiring. So how to check the line and eliminate it step by step? There are three main steps:
Step 1: Check the lifting column circuit for aging, exposure or damage. Turn off the power, and then measure through the circuit schematic diagram, and analyze the fault point according to the measured resistance value.
Step 2: After turning on the power, check whether the indicator lamp of the lifting column electrical box works to eliminate the short circuit between the power sources. At this time, a large short-circuit current will be generated and the melting fuse will be burned. This situation is obvious, so it can be detected and eliminated during circuit analysis.
Step 3: Perform the no-load and load test of the lifting column to check whether the relay can be freely connected. When the contacts are glued, the switch does not release continuously. When such a short circuit occurs, no large current is generated and the fuse will blow. The equipment will not be damaged.
These three steps can eliminate the short circuit phenomenon of the lifting column one by one, and also can quickly find the problem, and then quickly solve the problem.
The lifting column is a safe and responsible performance for troubleshooting line shorts, and normal work of the lifting column can improve work efficiency, which is the best of both worlds. This also reminds us that we must be careless when performing regular maintenance on the lifting column.

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