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Lifting column classification

Read: 1338 Release time: 2019/12/5

For many friends who are concerned about road traffic, the smart roadblock of the lifting column is no stranger. Here is a brief introduction to the lifting column by everyone:
Lifting column, also known as lifting ground column, lifting road pile, anti-collision road pile, hydraulic lifting column, isolation pile, etc. It is also quite common in our current life, especially in schools, communities, in front of government and enterprise units, etc., and after many years of application and development of the lifting column, the bollard has now expanded into various styles. So, what are the lifting columns classified according to the working principle? What are the classifications of lifting columns according to the application? Not urgent? Keou takes you slowly to understand!
The first is that lifting columns are classified according to the working principle. What are the classifications?
1. Pneumatic full-automatic lifting column: Air is used as the driving medium, and the cylinder is driven to rise and fall through an external pneumatic power unit.
2, hydraulic automatic lifting column: hydraulic oil as the driving medium. There are two control methods, that is, the cylinder is driven up and down by an external hydraulic power unit (the driving part is separated from the cylinder) or a built-in hydraulic unit power unit (the driving part is placed in the cylinder).
3, electromechanical automatic lifting: the lifting of the cylinder is driven by the built-in motor.
Semi-automatic lifting column: the ascent process is driven by the built-in power unit, and it is completed by manpower when descending.
4. Lifting type lifting column: the lifting process requires manual lifting to complete, and the weight of the column depends on the falling.
5. Movable lifting column: The column and base part are designed separately, and can be stowed when the column does not need to control.
6, fixed column: the column is directly fixed to the road.
Different types of lifting columns have different adaptation places, such as some places with high security levels, such as military bases, which require the use of anti-terrorism level lifting columns, and the thickness of the columns generally needs to be above 12mm. The general civilian level lifting column is 3-6mm, which is suitable for vehicles with high traffic volume and medium safety requirements. Widely used in banks, government units, research and development centers, power stations, highways, industrial parks, high-end villas, high-end office buildings, luxury boutiques, pedestrian streets and other places.
Secondly, the lifting column is divided according to the application method! What are the categories?
First, fully automatic lifting column
The lifting column can be lifted and lowered automatically through legal authorization information. Fully automatic door lifting column is also the main equipment of various manufacturers of lifting column products. It is generally used in places with frequent takeoffs and landings and a certain amount of security.
Second, semi-automatic lifting column
Use the manual key to lock or release the lifting column. When the device is in the raised state, the foot will be stepped down manually after the key is released, and it will automatically lock when it is in place. After the key is released again, it will automatically rise. In places where landing and landing are rarely needed. Or a place where there is no location security force. The main reason is that the construction cost of the semi-automatic province is low, and the second reason is that the semi-automatic lifting column does not have a control panel or a control cabinet with high security. For example, pedestrian streets, squares and other places can be selected. In addition, some wide entrances can be used with automatic lifting columns.
Third, fixed road piles
The part of the road surface and the fully automatic / semi-automatic lifting column have the same appearance and the same material, but cannot be moved. It is mainly used with fully automatic / semi-automatic lifting columns.
After understanding these categories of lifting columns, isn't the impression on the lifting columns deepened a bit? Expect the popularity of such smart vehicles.

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