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How to use a mobile phone to open the door for QR code access control?

Reading: 1762 Release time: 2019/12/5
Two-dimensional code access control is a very popular method in mobile phone access control. Many places have begun to use it, especially in many first-tier cities. Two-dimensional code access control has many characteristics, such as a very high safety factor, and simple registration and fast operation. People who have n’t touched it may feel complicated, but in fact, it is really easy for men, women and children to get started.
1. How to use QR code access control?
As for how to use the two-dimensional code access control, we take the users of the community as an example. After installing the QR code access control system in the community, you can download the QR code access control app securely according to the system designated by the community or the system you use, and then fill in the relevant personal information, and then you can generate your own Dimension code. When you need to open the door, just point the generated two-dimensional code directly to the two-dimensional code reader at the gate of the residential area, and you can open the door as you wish. It only takes a few seconds to get it done easily.
How to use QR code access control
2. How many identification methods does the QR code access control system have?
Many people think that the two-dimensional code access control system is just to break the traditional access control card mode. In fact, at the beginning, it was really to make it easier for everyone to open the door. However, with the development of intelligence, the recognition function of QR code access control has become more and more powerful. Now the two-dimensional code access control system can recognize barcode-based, and then expand to two-dimensional codes or higher identification codes.
To put it simply, from the device identification, we can see that the two-dimensional code access control system can identify two-dimensional code, personal identification card, IC card, mobile phone NFC, etc. The reason why the two-dimensional code access control system has so many identification methods, Mainly because of the support of technologies such as chips, a seemingly small system is not simple.
Two-dimensional code access control machine supports multiple identification methods
3.Security of QR code access control
Because static two-dimensional code is easy to be copied, most of the two-dimensional code access control systems now use dynamic two-dimensional code access control systems, which are easy to manage, difficult to copy, and have high security performance, which makes users more at ease. Cyberbos' dynamic QR code access control system helps you implement QR codes to manage entrances and exits.
Cyberbos' dynamic QR code access control system is used by the QR code cloud access control as a card reader. It can be compatible with the original operating system and directly replace the old card reader. According to the customer ’s actual access controller interface protocol, the QR code is encrypted. The value conversion generates 8-10 digits of Wiegand 26 or Wiegand 34 protocols. The user sends the converted QR code number to the administrator. The administrator can use the door opening authority in the original system operation background; the original IC card is set according to the settings. Rules, set according to requirements (such as card number in reverse order, if the IC card is encrypted, you need to inform the encryption rules, you can customize the development to read the encrypted IC card, you can use the original IC card without changing the card. Dynamic time-sensitive QR code time judgment It is controlled by the clock chip of the all-in-one.
Therefore, the function of QR code access control is not as simple as everyone thinks. It not only achieves powerful functions, but also has many advantages, such as very humane, and has high security performance, simple construction, and maintenance. Very convenient and saves manpower and material resources.
Security of QR code access control

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