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Livable Link | Coming Soon at Guiyang Security Exhibition 2019

1598 2019/6/25 1598

Livable | The Xi'an security exhibition will soon be unveiled at the 2019 Guiyang Security Exhibition, and the Guiyang security exhibition will be on May 27, 2019. After nearly a month of trimming and preparation, we are about to go to Guizhou The same with Xi'an Security Exhibition, history is unveiled at the local exhibition.

The first stop of the Livable Express | Xi'an Security Exhibition—the debut of the ancient capital of culture—Xi'an Xi'an, a historical city full of culture, is full of vitality. In this hopeful season, the Xi'an Security Exhibition
Networked alarm host manufacturer, Shenzhen Livable Technology Xi'an-the capital city of Shaanxi Province, anciently known as Chang'an and Haojin, is also the core city of the Guanzhong Plain urban agglomeration. Important in the west
The 8-zone IP network alarm host adopts the integrated design of the host keyboard, which has a novel appearance, a stylish atmosphere, wired and wireless compatibility, a panel-type key design, and a plug-in connection for simpler and later maintenance. The following is a product introduction and application plan. The IP network alarm application program

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