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Simoro customizes outdoor swing gate for Anshan Iron and Steel

2019/12/9 Reading (6479)

Simoruo custom-made outdoor swing gates for Anshan Iron and Steel are being delivered in batches from Anyang Shenzhen to Anshan. The first batch of outdoor swing gates has successfully arrived in Anshan in July and has been installed and put into use. They have been praised by customers, showing a little pride. The second batch of outdoor swing gates is on the way, getting closer and closer to Anshan.
What is the temperature of Anshan throughout the year? Under what temperature conditions will the Simoro brakes work?
The historical minimum temperature in Anshan is -30 ℃, the historical high temperature is 39 ℃, and the temperature difference between day and night is as high as 12 ℃. In such extreme environments as cold winter, hot summer, and large temperature difference between day and night, the electronic components inside the brake are very easy to damage, which will cause the brake to malfunction.
Swing gate
Due to the large temperature difference between day and night, the condensation inside the gate is prone to occur. In this case, the electronic components are very easy to be damaged. If the gate is used in such an environment, the problem of condensation must be solved.
Facing these extreme environmental problems, how does Simoro's outdoor swing gates hold up?
1. With intelligent temperature control design, equipped with a thermostat to set the upper and lower temperature limits. When the temperature inside the chassis is lower than the upper limit or higher than the upper limit, the thermostat will automatically heat or dissipate the heat to keep the temperature inside the chassis within the limit. Within the range, and does not form condensation, thus protecting the internal electronic components.
2. Use high-strength electronic components with strong environmental adaptability and durability.
3. Waterproof treatment. The core electrical parts such as the main board, auxiliary board, and motor board of the outdoor swing gate are waterproofed, and a waterproof cover is added. The waterproof and dustproof level reaches IP65, which can not only resist ice and snow, but also resist sand and dust. , Heavy rain, sun exposure and other weather.
Then, the PK result came out and Simoro won the outdoor swing. The "physical fitness" is irrelevant, and I am not afraid of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Even if the temperature in Anshan is low, it will not be able to freeze the intelligent "heating" heart of the outdoor swing gate.
In addition to Anshan Iron and Steel Group, outdoor swing gates also emit "heat" in other cities in the north, calmly responding in the snow and ice, and protecting the pedestrian safety of each city. For example, Baotou-Baogang Group, Ordos-Zhongtian Hechuang Petrochemical, Tianjin-Siemens, Karamay-Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, Yinchuan-PetroChina Ningxia Petrochemical Company, Ordos-China Coal Energy Group Ordos Company ...

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