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22-year-old fugitive finally fell to the French Open-Jieshang IV007 helped crack down on the case

3944 2019/6/12 3944
22-year-old fugitive finally fell to the French Open-Jie Shang IV007 helped to detect the case and received praise

The so-called "French network is gray, sparse and not leaking." With the continuous development of intelligent technology, the investigative methods of public security organs are also constantly upgraded to keep pace with the times. In recent years, news has been reported in many places across the country. Not long ago, Jieshang IV007 video surveillance

Establish a new image of firefighting and keep up with reforms and practice skills-The Yunnan Fire Investigation "Fire Fighting and Public Security Criminal Investigation Pulling Exercise" was held in Kaiyuan, Honghe. Jieshang participated in this with the company's IV007 video survey series products
Throughout history, the tricks of "fraud" and "deception" have been throughout human history. People's demands for "there are pictures and the truth" are getting stronger and stronger. However, with the advancement of technology and the spread of knowledge,
The annual May 1 International Labor Day is coming. First of all, Pigeon Chico pays tribute to the vast number of working people across the country! With the rapid development of urbanization in our country today, there is a group that is often ignored or even bullied. They leave their homes and leave their wives and children to the reinforced concrete city.

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