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Which are the top ten environmental protection power manufacturers?
Which are the top ten environmental protection power manufacturers?
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【Detailed description】

What is the definition of environmentally friendly electricity? How to combine environmental protection and smart electricity? What is the "Environmental Protection and Smart Electricity Supervision System"? According to the production and treatment technology of the enterprise, the environmental protection and intelligent power monitoring system installs acquisition equipment for pollution production facilities and pollution treatment facilities respectively, uses sensor technology to collect equipment operating data in real time, and then wirelessly transmits the data to the background monitoring system platform. , To achieve 24-hour non-stop remote monitoring of the total electricity consumption of enterprises, electricity consumption of production facilities, electricity consumption of environmental protection and governance facilities.

LeNiao Technology's intelligent monitoring system for environmental protection electricity consumption uses the most cutting-edge big data technology (parallel computing technology and artificial intelligence technology) to mine and model electricity consumption data of sewage and pollution control equipment, and machine learning modeling. Mining discovers the hidden laws or the relationship between the data, and fully taps the value of these data to form new data that can be applied to environmental protection supervision and governance; as an expert and decision basis, it assists in real-time use of electricity for pollution prevention and control facilities. Monitoring, to achieve dead-end, full-process, differentiated, and refined management of the company's production and operation, to change from human defense to information technology, and to achieve fine-grained decision-making, to assist business users in predicting possible environmental problems in the future.

What is smart electricity

The smart power system is real-time monitoring of electrical safety hazards such as leakage, arc, overload, short circuit, and abnormal cable temperature that may occur in the line. It mainly monitors the factors that cause fire in the circuit, such as residual current, cable temperature, and current. Constant parameters such as data monitoring and data analysis are transmitted to the terminal in real time. Through the Internet of Things technology, a system that allows users to monitor the electrical circuit data through the web terminal or mobile phone APP at any time and any place, and sends abnormal alarm information in real time.

So what is the difference between the use of environmentally friendly electricity and smart electricity?

Smart electricity use: This system can effectively solve the problems of aging lines, no professional electrician troubleshooting, and inability to monitor in real time in densely populated places such as production and operation enterprises, shopping malls, hospitals, and residential areas, making electricity use safer and more secure.

Environmental protection electricity use: Environmental protection electricity use has been developed in accordance with the laws and standards such as the Air Pollution Control Law, Water Pollution Control Law, and Soil Pollution Control Law. Through data analysis, it is possible to monitor the operation status of restricted and suspended production in real time through data analysis. The main applications are: steel, petrochemical, chemical, coking, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical, papermaking, non-ferrous metals, building materials, thermal power, municipal sewage treatment, mining and other fields.

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