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What are the top ten Hebei residual pressure monitoring system companies?
What are the top ten Hebei residual pressure monitoring system companies?
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2019-12-11 16:51:31
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Smart firefighting has played an increasingly important role in the construction of modern cities and towns. In recent years, many cities have vigorously strengthened the construction of various forms of fire brigade in order to improve the fire brigade's security system and ability to work, in order to protect social public safety. Laid a solid foundation. Taking smart fire protection engineering construction as a breakthrough point, vigorously promoting the coordinated operation of the regional joint defense mechanism of zhan has become an important branch system of smart city construction, ensuring the comprehensive upgrade of people's livelihood safety, fully guaranteeing fire safety, and raising the fire safety awareness of the entire population.

The core idea of LeNiao Wisdom Fire Fighting is to sense any fire situation in the alarm area in time, and give an alarm or corresponding linkage processing in the control center according to its alarm level. The main function of the newly added residual pressure monitoring system is to reasonably set up a mechanical pressurized air supply system to prevent smoke from spreading to the stairwell and front room, which is an essential smoke prevention measure to ensure the smooth evacuation of people in the building.

Le Bird Residual Pressure Monitoring System is an intelligent system integrating industrial computer technology, communication, anti-electromagnetic interference, digital sensing technology and industrial field bus control technology. It can conduct automatic 24-hour real-time inspection of the working status of the residual pressure in the evacuation channel. Check, give an alarm to the residual pressure in an abnormal state. In the event of a fire, the system can automatically regulate the air supply volume of the mechanical pressurized air supply system, and it can also be remotely controlled in the consumer control center.

The addition of the residual pressure monitoring system makes the smart fire protection function more complete. For the smart fire protection system, it can be understood that digital display remote dynamic monitoring and management can be realized. The biggest difference from traditional fire protection lies in the intelligence, because the smart fire protection can realize intelligent judgment through the machine. So as much as possible to achieve what people want to do; and traditional firefighting is relatively dependent on people, it is very labor-intensive.

It can be said that the Leiiao residual pressure monitoring system belongs to the most important system of the Leiiao Smart City Fire IoT System, which prevents the timely adjustment of the residual pressure in the stairwell and the front room to maintain the national standard range in the event of a fire. While blocking the entry of harmful fumes, ensure the normal opening of fire doors, which are widely used in shopping malls, schools and various enterprises.

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