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Does the top ten smart power companies have data support?
Does the top ten smart power companies have data support?
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2019-12-11 16:49:11
【Detailed description】

With the advancement and development of technology, with the help of next-generation information technology such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, decision analysis and optimization, all the content related to the construction of social infrastructure in cities can be connected, making cities smarter, while making Realize information sharing and collaborative operations among different urban management departments and systems, make more rational use of resources, make good urban development and management decisions, and predict and respond to emergencies and disasters in a timely manner.

The working principle of the smart electricity hidden danger supervision service system

LeNiao Smart Power System integrates information technology such as equipment data collection, transmission, analysis, etc., and conducts real-time online monitoring and statistical analysis of the main factors that cause electrical fires (cable temperature, current, residual current, etc.), real-time discovery of electrical circuits And potential safety hazards of electrical equipment, and by systematically analyzing the relevant parameters of the electrical equipment circuit, judging the cause of the failure, analyzing the cause of the failure and the status development trend, accurately and timely discovering the hidden danger of electrical fire failure, and avoiding major electrical safety accidents, Effectively prevent human casualties and major property loss incidents, achieve the elimination of potential electrical fire safety hazards, and truly achieve "prevention from unburned".

Equipment installed on the site collects electrical circuit leakage current, cable temperature, current / voltage / power, and uploads it to the smart electricity safety supervision service system platform wirelessly. When the cable leakage current or temperature exceeds the standard value or set on the scene, When the value and power exceeds the limit, an alarm signal is pushed through the smart power safety supervision service system platform or APP, and an SMS is sent to notify the operation and maintenance personnel to deal with the hidden danger.

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