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Top 10 smart fire companies-top 10 fire IoT manufacturers
Top 10 smart fire companies-top 10 fire IoT manufacturers
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Today, under the guidance of national policies, the concept of "Internet +" is gradually hot. The transformation of the Internet of Things in traditional industries has promoted the development of the Internet of Things industry. However, the Internet of Things involves various industries. The market made key breakthroughs. And the integration of 13 departments, coupled with the current booming big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other emerging technological means, the emergence of the Emergency Management Department is equivalent to building a unified aggregated Internet of Things platform in the national security field.

For the fire protection field, it is necessary to build a fire IoT. The complete Internet of Things industry is composed of multiple layers such as network, connection, platform, chip module, and solution application, among which the platform is the soul of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Fire Fighting, through the organic combination of information technology and geographic system, can realize resource sharing and provide new starting points and new channels for the socialization of fire protection work, thereby forming a new pattern of group defense and governance with scientific and technological content.

The fire IoT strategy is future-oriented and realizes the transition from "traditional fire protection" to "modern fire protection". Its planning is not to deduce the future by the fire problems that occurred in the past, but to use the future fire development to meet the social safety thinking to deduce the present. .

In October 2017, the Ministry of Public Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security issued the "Guidelines on Comprehensively Promoting the Construction of" Smart Fire Fighting "", emphasizing the comprehensive use of wireless sensing, cloud computing, and big data technologies to build a remote monitoring system for urban Internet of Things fire protection.

In terms of specific construction, some provinces and cities have achieved initial results. For example, Yichang City, Hubei Province has established a new pattern of "one library, three networks" for intelligent fire protection, and Wuhu City, Anhui Province has established a unified big data center in the city, which solves problems such as the fragmentation of government departments and "information islands."

And the intelligent fire protection, using the Internet of Things, infrared sensing and other technologies, can well record the current location and status of fire equipment, if the system is damaged in a timely manner, it can better ensure the integrity of the fire facilities, and provide accurate equipment information.

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