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Sizheng: happy life, happy work, doubled by sharing

5912 2017/12/26 5912
Sizheng: Happy Life, Happy Work, Happiness Doubled by Sharing

Corporate culture, as an important aspect of corporate development, has a positive effect on promoting corporate cohesion, promotion, and corporate innovation. It is generally believed that only large enterprises have the ability to build culture, and the security industry is mostly small and medium enterprises. For these enterprises, the goal is survival and development? Actually not

On November 30, 2017, Guangdong Jiangmen Security and Communication Industry Resource Integration and Exchange Meeting was held in the International Conference Center of Yihao Hotel in Jiangmen. On-site industry elites gathered in a lively scene, with draws, performances, wine tea break exchanges, cash draws and other programs one after another;
In this autumn season, in order to relieve everyone's work pressure and cultivate your team cohesion. On November 11 (that is, on Double Eleven), the company organized part of its employees to conduct a unique expansion training in the Foshan Nanhai Wetland Base. All departments work together to fully integrate each of us
The 2017 Shenzhen Amber Expo has successfully concluded. The four-day exhibition shines with infinite style and positive results. High-value and high-performance coexistence of "Sizheng" products once attracted many customers to stop and experience.

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