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Outdoor wireless coverage with wireless AP or wireless bridge?

Read: 1333 Published: 2019/12/4

Some outdoor venues such as community parks, squares and other places, we need to set up the wireless network, you need to use a wireless device outdoors, wireless AP and Wireless Bridge. Many people are very entangled and do n’t know which one to choose, and they do n’t know if a wireless AP is better than a wireless bridge. In fact, the two can Oh!
AP Outdoor AP in an outdoor environment by definition is used, it must be that the largest indoor water compared to the AP, moisture, sun, frost, etc., it is generally all sealed appearance. Other aspects are similar to indoor APs, and basically can also provide 150Mbps, 300Mbps and other transmission rates.
A wireless bridge is a bridge of a wireless network. It uses wireless transmission to implement a bridge between two or more networks. It is slightly different from the working mode of AP. AP is equivalent to transforming a wired network into a wireless network, and a wireless bridge is a bridge connecting wireless networks.
They also differ in application. Wireless AP coverage can be used independently, and its users are mainly single mobile users, with functions such as roaming and authentication. Wireless bridges are mainly connections between user networks. Generally, they cannot be connected to the card and need to be used in pairs.
In addition, they have different transmission distances. Although an outdoor AP can also be used outdoors, its coverage area is circular, and the transmission distance is not particularly far, generally a few hundred meters to one thousand is very good. The wireless bridge can be used for long-distance transmission, generally up to 2-4 kilometers, and up to 10 kilometers if the antenna is used.
After reading the above, in fact, it should be very clear when to use an outdoor AP and when to use a wireless bridge. Generally speaking, if the range of outdoor wireless network is relatively small, then outdoor AP is sufficient. If the area is relatively large and long-distance directional transmission is needed, then use a wireless bridge.

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