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Announcement on Tendering for the Procurement Project of Surveillance Video Storage Equipment in Shaowu Municipal Hospital

Tender release time: 2019/12/10 9:49:10

Deadline for submission of bids: 2019/12/27 23:59:59

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Bidding Documents

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Bidding Products

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Surveillance video storage device 1 batch

Supplier requirements

Invoice requirements:
No invoice (Note: Special ticket qualification can be submitted for general ticket requirements)
Supplier Nature:
No special requirements
Registered funds:
No special requirements
Business Address:
Ningde City, Longyan City, Nanping City, Zhangzhou City, Quanzhou City, Sanming City, Putian City, Xiamen City, Fuzhou City,

business terms

Bidding requirements:
No special requirements
Place of receipt:
> Fujian
Delivery time:
0 days

Detailed description

Announcement on Tendering for the Procurement Project of Surveillance Video Storage Equipment in Shaowu Municipal Hospital
Entrusted by Shaowu Municipal Hospital, Fujian CITIC Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. organized an open tender for [350781] FJZX [GK] 2019002-1, Shaowu Municipal Hospital monitoring video storage equipment cargo procurement projects, and now welcome qualified domestic bidders .
1. Tender number: [350781] FJZX [GK] 2019002-1
2. Project name: Project of procurement of surveillance video storage equipment in Shaowu Municipal Hospital
3. Tendering content and requirements:
Amount of unit: RMB
Contract package item number Purchasing target Allowable import quantity Item number budget Contract package budget bid security
1-1 Other computer equipment and software No 1 (item) 180,000.0000
4. Government procurement policies that need to be implemented for procurement projects: small and micro enterprises, applicable to (contract package one). Prison enterprise, applicable to (contract package one). The promotion of employment of persons with disabilities applies to (contract package one). Credit records, applicable to (Contract Package 1), shall be implemented in accordance with the following provisions: (1) Bidders shall respectively go through the "Credit China" website () and China Government Procurement Network () before (filling in the deadline for filling out the bidding document requirements). Query and print the corresponding credit records (hereinafter referred to as "query results provided by bidders"), and the query results provided by bidders shall be the printed (or screenshot) of the original pages of credit information query results obtained through the above website. (2) Examination of query results: ① The qualification review team queries and prints the bidder's credit record (hereinafter referred to as "the query result of the qualification review team") through the above website. ② If the query result provided by the bidder is inconsistent with the query result of the qualification review team, the query result of the qualification review team shall prevail. ③ If the eligibility review team is unable to query the bidder's credit records due to the above website (the eligibility review team should print the original page when inquiring the bidder's credit history through the above website and then file it with the procurement documents), using the inquiry provided by the bidder The result shall prevail. ④ If there are relevant information about the bidders who should be refused to participate in the government procurement activities in the inquiry results, their qualification review is unqualified.
5. Supplier qualification requirements:
(1) Meet the conditions stipulated in Article 22 of the "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law".
Package: 1
Detailed description
Have the necessary equipment and professional technical capabilities of the contract to prove the special certification materials (if any) 1. Bidding documents require bidders to provide "equipment and equipment and special technical capabilities required to perform the contract special certification materials", the bidders shall follow the provisions of the bidding documents Provide a copy of the corresponding supporting documents under this item. 2. The photocopies of the corresponding certification materials provided by the bidders shall comply with: complete, clear and tidy, and the bidders shall affix their official seal.
Other qualification certification documents (if any) specified in the bidding documents 1. (Certificate materials of compulsory energy-saving products, if any, should be filled in here); 2. (According to Article 17 of the Implementation Regulations of the Government Procurement Law, except "(1)" -(4) other provisions stipulate that the materials submitted by bidders shall be filled in, such as: proof materials for specific conditions put forward by the purchaser, and certification materials (mandatory) required to meet the requirements in order to implement the government procurement policy, if any, Should be filled here). ※ 1 If any of the above-mentioned materials are related to the "special certification materials for equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary for the performance of the contract", please fill in this form b1, and do not fill in here. ※ 2 Bidders shall provide in accordance with Chapter VII of the bidding documents.
6. Time, place, method or matters for purchasing bidding documents:
The bidding documents were issued along with the bidding announcement for this project; bidders should first register members on the Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Network (), and then register and download the bidding documents by the project on the Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Online Public Information System (please refer to Project location, register corresponding (provincial level / municipal level / district / county)) Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Online Open Information System Application
), Otherwise the bid will be rejected.
7. Price of bidding documents: 0 yuan
8. Vendor registration start time: 2019-12-05 10:14 Registration deadline: 2019-12-20 10:14
9. Deadline for bidding: 2019-12-27 09:00 (Beijing time), the supplier shall deliver the sealed bidding documents before the bid opening (place of bid opening), and bidding documents that are delivered late or do not meet the requirements will be rejected. Rejected.
10. Bid opening time and place: 2019-12-27 09:00, the first electronic bid opening room of Shaowu Public Resource Trading Center
11. Announcement period: 5 working days.
12. Purchaser of this project: Shaowu Municipal Hospital
Address: 10 Li Gang East Road, Shaowu City
Contact Name: Zheng Lei
contact number:
Purchasing agency: Fujian CITIC Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd.
Address: 6 / F, Guanmao Metropolis 4 # Complex Building, No. 123 Liuyi Middle Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou
Contact person: Lian Meimei
contact number:
Account name: Fujian CITIC Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd.
Fujian CITIC Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd.

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