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TFDA-501U-Tsinghua Tongfang Archive Grade DVD Disc Burner Manufacturer

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Beijing - City of Beijing

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Updated: 2019-12-11

Validity period: 145 days left


Tsinghua Tongfang file-level DVD disc burner manufacturers

The burner emits a laser to melt the dye in the dye layer of the optical disc, forming pits to represent 0 and 1, thereby achieving the purpose of storing data. Therefore, the burning process of optical discs is the result of the combined effect of optical discs and recorders. Only when you select a high-quality recording disc and recorder at the same time and fully match, can you maintain good recording quality. Otherwise, the pits recorded will not meet the requirements, and the data will not be saved for a long time.

Tsinghua Tongfang file-level DVD disc burner manufacturers

501 side view
Functional characteristics

External interface USB2.0

Support multiple formats

Support DVD + RW / -RW format

Supports DVD-RAM format

Supports CD-R and CD-RW / + RW formats

Supports CD-ROM reading

501 recorder side view

High matching machine


The burning of an optical disc requires both the optical disc and the recorder. The burner must discriminate the disc before burning to select a more suitable writing strategy for burning. At present, the digital recorders on the market are compatible with most optical discs, but the high compatibility actually reduces the requirements for matching. Only when the writing strategy of the recorder and the physical and chemical characteristics of the disc are highly matched can good recording quality be achieved.





TFDA-501U (supports CD and DVD burning)


File level



Implementation standards

DA / T38-2008

Product Supervision

Disc Protection Technology Joint Laboratory

Write speed

DVD-R / + R: 24X Max

DVD-R / + R Double Layer: 12X Max

DVD-RW: 6X Max

DVD + RW: 8X Max


CD-R: 48X Max

CD-RW: 24X Max

Reading speed

CD-ROM: 48X Max

DVD-ROM: 16X Max

DVD-RW / + RW: 12X Max

DVD-RAM: 12X Max

Data read error rate

CD-ROM Block / 10 12 (bits)

DVD-ROM Block / 10 15 (bits)

Ambient temperature range

Working environment temperature 5 & mdash; & mdash; 45 ℃

Storage ambient temperature -20 & mdash; & mdash; 60 ℃

Ambient temperature for transportation -40 & mdash; & mdash; 60 ℃

Mean time to failure

60,000 POH

Mean recovery time

Typical 30 (Minutes)

Average seek time

DVD: 160 ms, CD: 160 ms


2 MB

Applicable operating system

Windows XP, 2000, 7, 8

power supply

5 V--12V DC

Product Size

253 & times; 162 & times; 54mm

product weight


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爱普生光盘印刷刻录机,华录高清硬盘录像机,清华同方光盘拷贝机,清华同方档案级刻录机,清华同方光盘归档检测仪,硬盘拷贝机,... Main Products: Epson CD-printer and recorder, Hualu high-definition hard disk video recorder, Tsinghua Tongfang disc copy machine, Tsinghua Tongfang file-level recorder, Tsinghua Tongfang disc archiving detector, hard disk copy machine, ...

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