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New personnel positioning base station (explosion-proof)

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Beijing - City of Beijing

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Updated: 2019-12-11

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New personnel positioning base station (explosion-proof)

The personnel positioning base station (explosion-proof) is mainly used in the chemical industry. It integrates an advanced UWB RF module, and works with positioning tags and calculation engines to achieve high-precision positioning. The positioning accuracy reaches 30 cm, which is superior to other wireless technology positioning products. This equipment has the characteristics of high precision, high power and high cost performance. Supports ToF positioning method, can also be used for individual ranging.

New personnel positioning base station (explosion-proof)

Personal positioning base station (explosion-proof) Product features:

Exib ⅡB T6 Gb explosion-proof grade

802.15.4a UWB wireless

High power, 100m working distance

2.4G high-speed data backhaul

IP67 protection

Key parameters:


1) M20 tubular threaded connector (inside RJ45 10 / 100M LAN)

2) N type RF connector × 2

Input voltage

DC 12V-18V

Average power


Output power (25 ° C)

-24dBm / MHz

Size (mm)

240 × 162 × 80

Weight (g)


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Beijing Huaxing Beidou Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd.

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UWB定位、北斗监测、工厂定位、隧道定位、管廊定位、滑坡监测、桥梁监测 Main Products: UWB positioning, Beidou monitoring, factory positioning, tunnel positioning, pipe gallery positioning, landslide monitoring, bridge monitoring

生产商 Company Nature: Manufacturer

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