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Why is the security industry's frequent cross-border fire fighting industry “preferred”?

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[ Focus News on Security Exhibition Network ] The security industry leader Hikvision released an evening announcement on December 9, saying that the company will invest in the establishment of Hangzhou Hikvision Fire Technology Co., Ltd. The announcement stated that this action will help the company further expand its business scope and support long-term stable development.
Security vendors frequently move across the border fire protection industry
In the "big security" application era, it is not uncommon for security companies to cross-border fire protection. In addition to Hikvision, other security vendors also frequently act:
Dahua, another giant in the security industry, co-funded with other companies to set up a listed company holding company, Zhejiang Huaan Technology Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the development of the fire protection market to complete the accumulation of related products and technologies;
In the first year of the state's proposal for "smart fire protection", the former Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security and Kodak worked together to build a combat command platform and officially went online to comprehensively improve the level of fire prevention and control and rescue;
Shenzhen Jingyang Technology has merged its visible light camera video processing technology with thermal imaging technology to achieve temperature measurement and early warning network thermal imaging in China, extending the concept of large security;
Ai Li An designed the intelligent fire alarm solution of NB-IoT network for three small places.
How does fire protection get "preferred" by security companies?
According to the Prospective Industry Research Institute, by 2021, the scale of China's fire protection industry market will exceed 400 billion yuan, and by 2025, the size of the fire protection industry market in China will reach 529 billion yuan.
If a worker wants to do his best, he must first sharpen his tools. The state has gradually put the construction of "smart fire protection" on the agenda. The "Guiding Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Construction of" Smart Fire Fighting "" issued by the Fire Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security proposes that all localities should comprehensively use emerging information technologies to accelerate the construction of "Smart Fire Fighting" and comprehensively promote the in-depth integration of information technology and fire protection work . At present, smart fire protection has become the mainstream and outlet of the entire fire protection industry.
The demand of the fire protection industry for new technologies has led many technology companies to join the smart fire protection layout. In the field of security, with the continuous extension of concerns and technical points, the scope of the industry is constantly expanding. From the perspective of construction, technology and standards, China's security market advantages are constantly spilling out. In addition, the entry of ICT companies into the security has also brought about the catfish effect, prompting security companies to seek new and change.
At the same time, in the fire protection industry, there are not many companies that can form corporate groups and diversify their products. Most of them have a single product, a small scale, and limited market exposure, and there are only a handful of listed companies.
Therefore, for cross-border security enterprises, the fire protection market is an ideal blue ocean market. With the promotion of policies, it will undoubtedly become the next hot spot for development.
Clear integration of security and fire protection
In foreign countries, security and fire protection are one. In China, security and fire protection belong to different industries. However, no matter how they are divided, the two are the industries with the goal of ensuring social security and stability. The network layout, communication methods, information processing and control methods are the same. Therefore, many skilled personnel recommend that the two be combined. Either integrate the two systems together and complete reasonable resource equipment.
Nowadays, the development and application of technologies such as monitoring and detection, and fire alarm in the field of fire protection are becoming more and more advanced, and the trend of combining domestic security and fire protection has become more and more obvious. If security companies want to get a share of the fire protection market, they must seize this trend to achieve more sophisticated technology and more efficient services.

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