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Hand in hand with the Palace Museum Cultural Shangtang to interpret the inheritance and innovation of history with AI

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[ Security exhibition network brand column ] Rabbit shoulder purple pen, pine smoke ink, jade version of rice paper, Duan Yan, four treasures of the study one by one on the table. A collection of history books, four books and five classics, neatly arranged on the bookshelf. Ten years of hard reading, when tomorrow ’s gold list of titles.

After the curiosity and excitement of the child test, the test of the township was well established, and the test was full of ambition, and there were nine days and six nights of fighting in the house, and the day of sleeping and eating in the compartment with harsh conditions and small space was all for tomorrow. Gold list title.
In the end, many years of hard study and hard work finally paid off, worshiping Confucius in the Confucian Temple, and waiting for the name of Guozi to be detained.

This is not a "winter dream", but an interactive exhibition of "Gold List Titles", organized by the Forbidden City Culture and curated by the Forbidden Academy, for everyone to experience the learning process of students in the Qing Dynasty.

It is also the first time that Shangtang Technology has cooperated with the Forbidden City Culture to merge innovative AI technology with traditional Chinese culture, create a new gameplay of "AI + Culture", and create an interesting viewing experience for the audience.
Join hands with the Forbidden City culture to turn audiences into ancient students
As one of the three themed integrated cultural and creative projects of the Forbidden City, the "Gold List Title" is a new attempt of the Forbidden City on the road of fostering new cultural formats.
The exhibition takes the Imperial Examination in the Qing Dynasty as the story background, based on rigorous academic research, depicts the scenes of ancient people's study and self-cultivation, and simulates the entire process of ancient candidates from child test, hometown test, conference test, hall test to jinshi and the first. The immersive interactive experience allows the audience to “traverse” ancient and modern.

In the Qing Dynasty, there were about seventeen tribute institutes all over the country. The "house" was the examination place for the examinees during the ancient imperial examinations in the tribute institute. The conditions were harsh and the space was small. In the three sessions before and after, a total of nine days and six nights of examinations, candidates' "exam, eat, drink and sleep" is all there.
Among them, Shangtang applies the SenseAR platform's 240 key face positioning technology, and the “Noble House Candidate Phase” exhibition item jointly created with the Forbidden City culture can allow live audiences to walk to the interactive screen and automatically take virtual candidates for the Noble House exam. The images are connected together, "the unity of the gods and shapes", and the movement of the virtual examinee's posture is smoothly driven by the movement of the head, making various actions, which is impressive.
Shangtang Technology also planned another AR interactive exhibition item “Confucius Temple Offerings” with the Palace Museum. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, Shinko Jinshi participated in a series of ceremonies and activities after the ceremony, and one of them was the Confucian Temple.

Historical records: Confucius is nine feet long and six inches long. According to the weights and measures of different times, Confucius' height is about 196.8cm or 221.7cm, which is definitely a giant.
The exhibit uses AI + AR technologies such as gesture recognition and face recognition from Shangtang SenseAR platform.
When the audience walks to the exhibition area, a proportional portrait of Confucius that blends with the real scene will appear. After the standard "communicate" gesture is returned to Confucius, a photo shoot will be triggered, and the audience will get a photo with Take a photo of Confucius and experience a unique sacrifice to Confucius.
AI + culture, let more people feel the core of heritage
The Forbidden City is a treasure trove of China's traditional culture, while Shang Tang is a representative of China's scientific and technological innovation. The combination of Shang Tang Technology and the Forbidden City culture is a collision of science and technology.
The "Gold List Title" interactive exhibition shows the traditional Chinese culture in a form that young people love to see. This is a useful exploration of the combination of AI and traditional cultural exhibitions. It is not only richer in artistic form, but also attracts younger groups with technological innovation, making traditional Culture rejuvenates with new vitality.
Inheritance and innovation. In the future, Shangtang Technology and Forbidden City culture will have deeper and more extensive cooperation to jointly create more and more unique cultural projects.
From now until January 5, 2020, the "Gold List Title" interactive exhibition will be fully opened. You can make an appointment to visit by paying attention to the Forbidden College WeChat public account. After the Spring Festival in 2020, the exhibition will also hold tour shows around the country, allowing more people to experience the charm of combining technology with culture.

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