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Jiefei Feitong builds an information communication network for Qingdao Jinjialing Financial District

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[ Security Exhibition Network Brand Column ] China's only shortlisted cities in the top 10 global financial centers are Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. There is no doubt that they are all super-first-tier super cities. For cities, the title of "financial center" is as heavy as a crown. It is the core of modern economy and a palace for gathering policies, industries, talents, and capital.
In Qingdao, on the sunny beach, white sailing boat, and beer, a "financial palace" based in Shandong, radiating Japan and South Korea, and even the entire Northeast Asia-a pilot area for comprehensive reform of wealth management (the State Council approved the establishment), is upright Up. As the core of the national-level financial pilot zone, Qingdao Jinjialing Financial Gathering Area has brought together nearly a thousand financial companies, more than ten large-scale legal person financial institutions, and financial organizations such as the China Blockchain Ecological Alliance.
For the Jinjialing Sub-district Office serving the financial development of the region, efficiency, speed, coordination, and informatization are the basic indicators for measuring administrative efficiency and service quality. In order to build this invisible "service network", Jinjialing Subdistrict Office and Jieshi Feitong deployed high-definition video conference collaboration terminals in 33 communities to achieve high-definition video conferences, remote collaborative office, emergency command and dispatch, etc. Frequency application.
HD online video conference, business training, etc.
In daily work, inter-unit and cross-level collaborative office work is very frequent, including instructions issued by superiors, business training, and data verification. Based on 1080P HD image quality and CD-level high-fidelity audio effects, any terminal in the branch can directly call and establish a two-way link with another terminal in the system to achieve a real-time video conference between two points, which can be performed across positions , Cross-department work inspection, work coordination, etc. At the same time, the Jinjialing Subdistrict Office can hold high-definition video conferences involving all communities in the jurisdiction at any time. Through the large screen of the central venue, it can realize real-time audio and video bidirectional with each branch venue. Interaction to facilitate policy learning, job deployment or business training across the region.
In addition, the WEB conference management and control platform has a simple interface, easy operation, and easy management. It can implement software and hardware terminals to join the conference in seconds.
Dual-stream conference, emergency dispatch
The system supports the standard H.239 dynamic dual-stream technology, so that people participating in remote conferences can not only see the remote conference screen and hear the remote voice, but also receive various remote conference materials such as charts, documents, Images, whiteboards, etc. can greatly enrich the content of office meetings and promote more efficient remote collaboration.
When an emergency occurs, according to the emergency plan, the person in charge of each district can be quickly convened based on the IP network. The system supports mobile smart devices, telephones and other terminals to access, and it is convenient to contact out-of-town personnel and expert groups. Level unit docking to achieve unified scheduling, unified coordination and accurate decision-making within the region.
High security and high scalability
Security and stability are the top priorities of government video conference systems . Based on the JetFly iFOS video operating system, end-to-end full-service backup (dual-machine hot backup, dual power backup, dual network port backup, etc.) can be achieved, and the failure of a single device does not affect the overall business; system equipment is simple to install and use Without professional maintenance, it can meet 7 × 24 hours unattended and stable work.
In addition, the system also has good scalability, which can seamlessly connect with conference room control systems and OA systems. It also supports the integration of video conferences and video surveillance, and supports additional services such as teleconferences and data conferences to meet the construction of different services in the future. Usage requirements.
Outside of Qingdao, the "Third Primary and Secondary School Education and Teaching Informatization Application Promotion Campaign" organized by Hunan Province also provided services such as online live streaming by Jiefei Feitong, supporting nearly 600,000 people to watch high-definition live broadcasts online. In recent years, Jiefeifeitong has continuously strengthened its video service capabilities, and built an iFOS video operating system to create more efficient, convenient, and practical industry-wide, serial video application solutions, accelerate the integration of video capabilities into various industries, and promote industrial development. .

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