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IDC: Beacon ranked fourth in the digital government big data foundation platform software market

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[ Security Exhibition Network Brand Column ] Beacon ranked fourth in the digital government big data foundation platform software market and successfully entered the first echelon of Chinese digital government big data platform software vendors.
(Image source IDC report)
The 2018 digital government big data market report released by IDC is divided into two parts, the big data foundation platform software market and the data governance software and service market. The report shows that China's digital government big data market totaled 4.744 billion yuan in 2018, with a significant growth rate. With the continuous advancement of China's digital government, data has gradually become the core of digital government construction. The digital government big data market is rebuilding the IT infrastructure technology system based on the "cloud" to continuously absorb, create and generate business and practical utility oriented big data management and application requirements.
IDC believes that in the government big data foundation platform software market, the development of the government big data foundation platform market has gradually shifted from policy-driven to scenario-driven rational transformation. Starting from actual utility, it faces the real needs of government management data and combines the diversity of data. , Mass level, usage, and other scenarios for on-demand construction, and further integrate multiple big data infrastructures such as Hadoop and GreenPlum. At the same time, due to the high technical complexity of this field and the high quality requirements of developers, manufacturers entering the forefront of this field have good market performance in product solutions, practical cases, and service capabilities.
In the report, Beacon's position in the government's big data foundation platform software market is the result of Beacon's continuous exploration and practice in the field of digital government. As the birthplace of national optical communications and the vanguard of ICT transformation, Beacon has a deep understanding of the "Internet + government service" policy spirit. Based on its own infrastructure architecture, it has formed an integrated solution for "Internet + government service" to create open sharing The government's big data platform for government affairs supports the digital application of government work, improves the level of government digital governance, and plays a supporting role in supporting decision-making with big data, laying a solid foundation for the construction of a "digital government" in the new situation.
Chu Tianyun, built by Beacon, is a major project for the construction of Hubei Province. It is also a Hubei Province basic service platform and a data exchange hub platform. It plays a key role in the construction of Hubei Digital Government. After three years of development, Chu Tianyun has built a "two places, three centers" distributed cloud architecture system with Huashan as the center and Wuhan and Xiangyang as disaster recovery. At the same time, Chu Tianyun's big data capability platform uses the requirements of digital government construction as a standard to build a government big data asset center, which mainly includes a basic library with population and legal persons as the core, and a thematic library for use cases that are not used. Through data aggregation, cleaning management, and processing transformation, it supports the data needs of various government services and smart cities . At the same time, Chutian Cloud's big data capability platform realizes the whole life process management of data from collection, storage, calculation, management, and service, which effectively enhances the application value of data.
In the era of digital government 2.0, Fiberhome will continue to deeply cultivate the "digital government" industry, keep up with the needs of digital government construction, continue to innovate and improve big data solutions, and fully promote "data on the cloud" to help users achieve scientific government decision-making and accurate social governance. Into. At the same time, Beacon will also make better use of its own strength, and work with industry partners to build a digital government ICT ecosystem, and contribute to the effective promotion and comprehensive implementation of "Internet + government services".

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