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Hundreds of billions of markets are coming Are LED screen companies ready?

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[ Security Exhibition Network Company's Attention ] In recent years, with the traditional market demand for LED display screens becoming increasingly saturated, and the needs of subdivided fields becoming more diversified and specialized, the strength of industry products and solutions has continued to improve, especially the fine-pitch advance Let the "big cake" of commercial display be more open to the LED display industry. Commercial display applications include finance, education, medical, tourism, media, transportation, community and other fields, which brings commercial display market With huge development opportunities, according to data from third-party research reports, it is estimated that by 2020, with the arrival of smart cities , the market size of Shangxian will approach 100 billion yuan.
Commercial display market has great potential for leading screen companies to accelerate innovation
At present, with the further explosion of the commercial display market and the continuous growth of the market, many LED display companies have higher growth space, especially the leading companies with their own R & D and innovation capabilities and market strength, they can focus more industrial resources, Focus on the cutting-edge technology of LED display, improve service quality, and get more market share of commercial display first.
For example, this year Liad launched P0.6 small-pitch products, Samsung introduced P0.84-pitch products to the theater, high-end clubs and villa color TV markets, and many leading screen companies have launched products such as Mini LED / Micro LED ... ...
At this stage, the new LED commercial display technology and products with small pitches are gradually diversified and are beginning to be applied to the commercial display field on a large scale. Small-pitch LEDs are gradually becoming the main direction for future innovations in large-screen displays, especially COB packaging technology, the innovative development of Mini LED / Micro LED, and the application and innovation of transparent screens, which prove that the further improvement of technology will also stimulate market demand Upgrading, along with the development of commercial 5G and policy promotion, high-definition LED display is considerable in the field of commercial display.
Difficult LED screen companies still need to work hard
However, this does not mean that LED display companies can gain a lot of money in the commercial display market. According to statistics: In 2017, the overall scale of China's commercial display market was nearly 47 billion yuan, but in the current commercial display market, the penetration rate of LED small-pitch products is not To 10%, but the growth rate is as high as 78%. The deficit between the growth rate and the penetration rate means that LED screen companies still have many deficiencies in the commercial display market.
First of all, from a technical perspective, seeking smaller pitches and higher-definition LED displays is indeed the most direct technical direction for the industry to enter the commercial display market, but with the gradual application of small-pitch LEDs in the commercial display market, we must also resolve More market pain points, such as: product reliability, high stability, easy operation, etc., especially some professional business display application areas. Secondly, from a market perspective, compared with other commercial display products such as OLEDs, high-end commercial display products represented by small pitches have relatively high prices. How to further reduce costs and improve cost-effectiveness is one of the popularization of LED commercial display products. Big problem.
In any case, I believe that with the further explosion of the commercial display market and the market's high growth potential for the LED display industry, as long as the screen companies make full use of their own technology, products and market advantages, they will be able to share the industry development dividends.

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