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Application Research of Alarm Service in New Industry and New Field

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[ Security Exhibition Network Market Analysis ] With the popularization and market-oriented development of the service model, the development of alarm services faces more and more challenges. In a market-oriented operating environment, in addition to deepening the depth of service provision, the alarm service also needs to actively expand and actively expand into related fields. With the expansion of alarm services to new industries and new fields, good development is achieved.
With the continuous deepening of the market-oriented operation of the alarm service, the market demand for the alarm service has shown a significant increase, and the consumer's alarm service demand has also shown corresponding individualized differences. At the same time, innovative breakthroughs and widespread application of related technologies such as the Internet of Things technology, big data technology, artificial intelligence technology, and 5G communication technology have provided good technical support for the social and popular application of alarm services. Of course, while seeing new opportunities for the development of the alarm service, we must also keep a clear understanding of the challenges in our development, such as the single development direction and outdated development ideas. Enterprises should combine the actual situation of the development of the current alarm service, push the alarm service to more industries and fields, and become a direction that needs to be tried and breakthrough in the development. It is also a scientific path to expand the development of the alarm service.
Development bottlenecks for alarm services
Alarm service is a continuously developing service content. It is necessary to combine the new alarm service technology methods on the basis of only grasping user service needs to enhance the user's experience of alarm service and make users more trust in the relegation provided by the enterprise. Service Content. However, in the current situation of increasingly detailed alarm service requirements, the development of alarm services is facing a series of problems and challenges, which has limited the innovation and development of alarm services to a large extent. Specifically, the development bottlenecks faced by the alarm service are concentrated in the following two aspects.
1. The concept of alarm service development lags
After a long-term market-oriented development, the alarm service company has formed a 7 × 24-hour check-in service model. With its professional inspection team, it has provided reliable alarm services for government agencies, enterprises, and institutions. With the help of the company, it has penetrated into the commercial supermarket and the family. However, unlike traditional alarm services that are relatively clear and centralized, new alarm service applications that use decentralized users, such as commercial supermarkets and home users, as the main service objects, have increasingly higher requirements for enterprise personalized alarm service provision. However, enterprises analyze and respond to user needs based on the traditional concept of alarm services, which causes deviations between service supply and demand and affects the in-depth expansion of alarm services.
2. The alarm service technology path is unstable
The alarm service works based on the mechanism of coordinated information transmission and behavioral response. Generally, the alarm signal is transmitted to the relevant alarm subject through the network, and then the subject makes the corresponding response mechanism. This information transmission principle determines that the provision of alarm services is easily affected by the transmission of alarm signals over the network. In terms of the current alarm signal transmission, it is mainly transmitted in a point-to-point manner. Although this method can improve the accuracy of alarm service processing, it also increases the amount of alarm service information processing. For example, many alarm service companies connect the user's alarm device with the police platform of the public security organs. Although this method provides good channel support for the user's alarm service response, it also increases the risk during the transmission of the alarm signal, causing Public security organs have deviations in receiving and dispatching police, threatening the safety of users
Necessity and importance of alarm service innovation
The innovation of the alarm service is to make corresponding innovations and improvements to the concept, content, and methods of the alarm service in accordance with the changing development of the alarm service demand in order to better adapt to and meet the user's alarm service needs. As far as the development of the current alarm service is concerned, the necessity and importance of its innovation are mainly reflected in the following two aspects.
1. Adapt to the needs of user needs development
Alarm service is an activity project that provides users with security alarm services. With the obvious improvement of living standards, people's security needs have also shown a significant increase, and there are corresponding differences between the needs of different people and different families. Under such circumstances, the alarm service provider needs to make the necessary innovations in the content of the alarm service to better meet the individual needs of each user. For example, for home users, they want more services for home safety monitoring and protection, and for travel users, they want to get timely police through the one-click alarm function on taxi software. Help, and these differentiated user needs need to be gradually realized through the innovation of alarm services.
2. Requirements for expanding development space
With the market-oriented operation of the alarm service, more and more entities are participating in the development of the alarm service field, which provides a strong impetus for the development of the alarm service field. However, the existence of a large number of alarm service entities has made the alarm service products significantly homogeneous, alarm service function cottages are becoming more common, and there are few alarm service innovation activities that can truly be guided by user needs. Weakened the space for the development of alarm services. Through the innovation activities with the goal of satisfying users' alarm service requirements, it is possible to strengthen the consciousness and ability of the main body of alarm service innovation, and really expand the space for the development of alarm services.
Mode and Strategy of Alarm Service Application
Driven by information technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, and big data, the application field of alarm services has broken through the traditional security scope and gradually extended to larger industry fields, thereby achieving new breakthroughs in applications. As far as the application of the alarm service is concerned, the prominent application modes are as follows:
1. Application mode and strategy of alarm service in visual network alarm service
The visual network alarm service is a type of alarm service with better functions and better effects based on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. The significant feature of this model is that it uses artificial intelligence video as its core. Compared with the traditional networked alarm service, the visualized networked alarm service has a new breakthrough in sensing technology, that is, the new technologies such as radio frequency identification technology, sensor technology, GPS positioning technology are widely applied to the alarm system, and then provide infrared anti-theft Automatic monitoring alarm, satellite positioning and other networked alarm services, and in the monitoring of alarm conditions include fire, water intrusion, smoke, vibration and so on. In terms of transmission technology, the alarm service gradually got rid of single telephone transmission or TCP / TP network transmission, and realized "three network" transmission.
The artificial intelligence advantage of the visual networked alarm service makes it not only able to be used to detect environmental conditions such as intrusion, gas, fire, and water intrusion, but also can better assume responsibility for home protection, human and vehicle identification management, and unmanned convenience store management Alarm service functions in some emerging smart scenarios such as, unmanned bank management, etc., and this type of alarm service relies on an intelligent terminal with an autonomous operating system, which can meet the user's personalized alarm service requirements. Functionally, with the development of digitization, networking, intelligence, and informationization, the visual networked alarm system gradually abandons the disadvantages of low accuracy and untimely response of the alarm information in the previous alarm service, which makes the user's alarm service experience Better.
2. Application mode and strategy of alarm service in city management
Driven by the construction goals of smart cities , the intelligence and informationization of urban public management have gradually become a development trend. With the gradual maturity of face recognition, behavior recognition and other technologies, the widespread application of alarm services in urban management gradually has corresponding technical conditions. With intelligent identification technology and alarm services, cities can use intelligent platforms that manage videos to automatically identify, automatically capture, and voice common urban management problems such as washing along the river, operating outside stores, illegal parking of vehicles, and mobile street vendors. Call the police. In this application mode, city management staff can receive a large number of voice alarm messages through the integrated information command center. After listening to these voice alarm messages, they will immediately retrieve relevant on-site video data and verify the alarm information. The verified information will be sent to the corresponding network law enforcement personnel one by one, so as to achieve a short-term solution to urban management problems.
3. Application mode and strategy of alarm service in shared travel
Shared travel is a typical example of the development of the sharing economy in recent years. While providing users with convenient travel, it has also caused hidden dangers to the safety of users' lives and property. In view of this, the shared travel company has added a one-click alarm service function to the shared travel app. Once the user encounters a threat, he can directly alarm 110 through the alarm service function on the mobile phone. The alarm service, as a complementary service content, has some differences from the simple alarm service product, but its ultimate purpose is to create a good security experience for users. In addition, under the support of the big data platform, the alarm service can realize multi-agent linkage and ensure that the alarm service efficiency is significantly improved.
Application prospects of alarm services
With the in-depth development of related technologies, the technical conditions for the application of alarm services in new industries and new fields will become more and more mature. At the same time, the personalized needs of users in the alarm service will drive the main body of the enterprise to radiate the content of the alarm service to a wider field, which will promote the application of the alarm service more detailed. In summary, the application prospects of alarm services in new industries can be summarized as the following aspects.
Intelligent alarm service
Self-service is not only the goal pursued by alarm service enterprises, but also the performance that users pay attention to in the process of alarm service consumption. The premise and basis for the realization of autonomous services lies in the intelligence of the alarm service, that is, the alarm service system can respond to the corresponding behaviors based on the received data. Although the current development of autonomous service models still has certain limitations, intelligent alarm services will be an important area for the integration of alarm services and artificial intelligence. In the intelligent alarm service mode, users can realize the full self-service function of the alarm service. Taking family users as an example, family members can remotely check the family members' physical health at home in an autonomous service mode. Once something is found through the monitoring device, they will contact 120 through a self-service alarm device, thereby avoiding the embarrassing situation of anxiety.
2. Publicization of alarm services
As a special product, the alarm service is gradually shifting its target to the public group, that is, in addition to the original street shops and banks, it also penetrates into home users and government public administration departments, and is improving security and public management. The effect in terms of effects is more prominent. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the cost of alarm service supply will gradually decrease, and the functions will gradually increase, making it more realistic and feasible for alarm services to enter ordinary people's homes.
3. Personalization of alarm service requirements
Different from the previous single alarm service requirements for shops, the alarm service model with household as the main body and public management department as the main body has obvious personalized attributes. Different users often have large differences in alarm service requirements. Under such circumstances, the function design of the alarm service products should avoid the "one size fits all" approach, and take the user's needs as a guide to carry out multi-functional design to fully meet the user's individual needs.
For a long time, the alarm service has played a very important role in ensuring the safety of people's lives and property. With the development of technology and the gradual change of user alarm service requirements, it has become an obvious trend to develop alarm services to new industries and new fields. According to the above analysis, it can be seen that the alarm service has been deeply applied in the aspects of visualized network alarm, city management and shared travel, and it has played a positive effect. The analysis based on the application model and strategy highlights the trend of the development of the alarm service to intelligent, public, and personalized, which also provides clear guidance for the optimization of the alarm service.

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