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It's another year for the LED screen companies to quickly learn some collection techniques at the time of settlement

2019-12-11 08:51:55 LED display channel traffic: 33145
[ Security Exhibition Network Enterprise Concern ] Time flies, and in 2019, it is nearing the end, approaching the end of the year. For many LED display manufacturers and distributors, in addition to coping with the external economic depression and fierce market competition, It is important to resolve internal debt collection issues. Especially for the LED display industry, which involves many projects, account receivables have always been a headache for many screen companies.
accounts receivable
Accounts receivable are the goods that the company has given to the customer, and the money is still in the customer's hands, similar to credit sales. In the credit sales business, the company's logistics and capital flow are not synchronized. Such sales income without payment return will inevitably form accounting profits without cash inflows, sales taxes and annual income tax prepayment. Will slow down the cash flow rate of enterprises, and even the phenomenon of capital chain breaks.
Recently, when communicating with some distributors in the industry, I found that many distributors complained that this year's annual collection is more difficult than in previous years. As long as I have gone in the past few years, I can get back the arrears once or twice. Now I have started to urge it in November, but I always let "wait again" and "slowly" ... especially for some projects and projects Settlement, including payment of goods and service fees, are all in arrears under various excuses. Either the leader did not sign, or the finances were not at home. For such a large local customer, I feel that this year is very difficult.
In fact, accounts receivable is a problem that many screen companies will face. In particular, the net sales of some main engineering channels, and the use of instalments to grab business is normal. For them, customers who are in arrears are worried if they are pressed tightly; if they are not reminded, they will become a bad debt. In this case, what should the screen companies do when they face arrears?
First of all, under the current market situation, it is believed that it is not only the LED display dealers who are eager to collect the arrears, but also the factory customers who are owed money are also faced with the difficulty of recovering the arrears. In this case, first of all, the customers who owe money should still be based on trust and understanding, and be empathetic and reasonable.
Secondly, screen companies can also take full advantage of the opportunity to collect arrears and synchronize the delivery of promotional information to achieve sustainable benefits. Especially for the employees of some enterprises and factories, you can specifically consider planning a round of special promotions such as "grateful returns" to achieve a round of sales and grab cake at the end of the year.
Finally, take the opportunity to further optimize its own daily marketing model, such as using Alipay, WeChat, credit cards, etc., to use the third-party platform to resolve and transfer the risk of operating arrears. At the same time, some of the project arrears can also be transferred.
When the market economy environment is in a downturn, if the company wants to be invincible in the competition, it is the most important thing to do a good job of enterprise management, and the management of accounts receivable plays a particularly important role in enterprise management. Therefore, LED screen companies should strengthen the analysis of accounts receivable, while monitoring efforts, establish a sound account receivables supervision and implementation and support system to ensure corporate profits.

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