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Waterproof, fireproof and water spraying robot

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[ Security Exhibition Network Current Affairs Focus ] News on November 27 from Zhixi. Recently, a news that a fire-fighting robot rescued 11 miners has caused heated discussion on the Internet.
It turned out that on the night of November 19, a fire broke out in a mine in Jining City, Shandong Province. Two fire fighting robots fought bravely during the rescue and assisted rescuers to safely rescue all trapped miners.
After the fire, a rescue robot was put in place to cooperate with 144 rescue personnel to rescue the scene. On November 21, all the 11 miners trapped were rescued and safely lifted.
Through the review of rescuers, let's take a look at what key roles rescue robots played in this fire accident, and what guarantees are provided for the safety of rescuers.
First, fire robots participate in underground rescue for the first time
The concentration of carbon monoxide at the scene of the fire accident is very high, which is very dangerous for rescuers. In order to complete the fire rescue work faster and more safely, the rescue headquarters has invested fire detection robots and fire suppression robots into the wells.
Due to the high temperature downhole at the scene of the fire, rescuers could not go down to rescue the first time. The rescue robot was commissioned in danger and became a special member of this rescue team. The detection robots and fire extinguishing robots used in the rescue came from CITIC Kaicheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. The smart engineer of CITIC Kaicheng said that the water spray distance of the fire extinguishing robot can reach more than 500 meters and the water spray height can reach more than 100 meters. "This fire-fighting robot has participated in too many fire rescues, but this is the first time it has participated in an underground rescue," he said.
Rescue personnel said that the situation of the underground fire was complicated, and the robot downhole played a great role in detecting the fire and rescue the personnel.
Second, remote control fire robot, can work continuously for 10 hours
Through remote control, the rear personnel dispatched the robot to enter the underground to complete the scene fire detection and fire suppression work.
Rescue personnel introduced that the longest remote control distance of the fire robot is 1 km, and the real-time situation of the rescue scene can be observed through the image information transmitted by the robot.
On the scene of the fire, the fire detection robot is mainly responsible for detecting the fire situation, which can monitor the temperature, visibility, harmful gas and flammable gas concentrations of the fire field, and transmit the acquired information back to the rear as an image.
According to engineers, the two firefighting robots involved in the rescue can work continuously for 10 hours, can be fireproof, waterproof, explosion-proof, and will not roll over on complicated terrain.
Closing Statement: Special Robots Disaster Relief
In recent years, the application fields of robots have become more and more extensive. In addition to the application of various service robots in daily life scenarios, special robots have begun to show their strengths in various professional fields.
Special robots can not only improve rescue efficiency in complex environments such as fire fighting and disaster relief, but also protect rescuers and avoid rescue workers from being injured.
In the future, with the continuous improvement of the performance of special robots, the demand for scenarios will gradually expand.

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