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Suzhou Security Association Held 2019 Annual Association Star Rating Integrity Unit Review Meeting

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[ Security Exhibition Network Association News ] On the morning of December 7, Suzhou Security Technology Prevention Industry Association held the 2019 Suzhou Security Association Star Integrity Unit Review Conference in the meeting room of Suzhou Zhongyifeng Technology Co., Ltd., the vice chairman unit of the association. The purpose of this meeting is to listen to the third-party credit reporting companies' ratings of the reporting units this year, and discuss and approve the public list of star rating units. There were more than 20 people participating in the meeting including the chairman, deputy chairman and some integrity members of the Association's Integrity Committee, leaders of relevant government departments and third-party credit reporting companies. Wang Kunquan, Secretary General of Suzhou Security Association, chaired the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Secretary-General thanked Zhongyifeng Technology for hosting the meeting. He mentioned that the various meetings of the association are held in member units, on the one hand, it promotes communication between member units, and on the other hand, it strengthens the external publicity of enterprises. This meeting was held in Zhongyifeng Technology. The participants learned about and learned about Zhongyifeng's unique "red screw" cultural system, which was quite inspired.
Secretary-General Wang Kunquan mentioned that this year is the fourth year for the Association to conduct star-level integrity unit evaluation. Under the guidance and support of government departments, "Integrity Evaluation" is becoming the brand and feature of Suzhou Security Association. Perfect direction. In August of this year, the Association held a group standard establishment meeting for the "star industry integrity evaluation standards for security industry". Brother leaders, government and related department leaders, business representatives, and association experts provided valuable suggestions for the group evaluation standards for integrity evaluation. After several revisions by the drafting group, a draft submission has been formed, and a group standard (submission review) review meeting is scheduled to be held during the annual meeting on December 28 this year.

Subsequently, Zhou Liansheng, the president of Suzhou Credit Service Association, presented a theme report on "Construction and Evaluation Process of Star-level Integrity Units" on behalf of third-party credit reporting agencies. Zhou Liansheng introduced the practicality of "star rating" in terms of the concept of credit and credit economy, corporate credit evaluation and its application, the evaluation model of the star unit of the association, the evaluation process and main issues, and the results of the star credit unit evaluation in 2019. , Importance and operability.

A total of 78 companies participated in the star rating, and the rating is divided into three stars, four stars and five stars. The Secretary-General mentioned that more than 78 companies participating in the evaluation are worthy of recognition in the first place and have set an example for undeclared companies. The process of "integrity assessment" in the members of the Security Association is also a process of strengthening the publicity of the importance of integrity building of member companies and fostering the awareness of corporate integrity. The purpose is to create a good Suzhou security industry market and build security industry integrity. System to continuously promote the normalization of integrity building.

Afterwards, the participants discussed the evaluation results and evaluation standards and expressed their opinions. Everyone agrees that this year's evaluation of star-level honesty units should not only implement the newly drafted group standards, but also consider the continuity of the evaluation work. The previously formulated evaluation principles and regulations will continue to be implemented. The Secretary-General emphasized that the "integrity assessment" must develop in a standardized, scientific, and standardized direction. It must take into account the necessity, feasibility, and continuity. It must be in line with national integrity standards and rely on the concerted efforts of member units. Hear the opinions of all parties, do stability, be practical, and do a good job of assessing integrity.

The attendees were warmly received by the leaders of Zhongyifeng Science and Technology-CEO Lu Peng, general manager of marketing Lu Wenda and administrative director Wang Xue, and accompanied by a visit to Zhongyifeng Technology, which is full of science and technology, modernization and human culture. Office environment. Lu Wenda led everyone to visit the Zhongyifeng Technology Exhibition Hall, and introduced the company's entrepreneurial history, team resume, business performance and the construction of the Red Screw Party Branch to the participants. Lu Peng introduced Zhongyifeng Technology to the audience from eight aspects, including positioning development, brand culture, team building, management standards, special sections, business performance, excellent cases, and future prospects.

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