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Notice on Shaanxi Security Association Annual Technical Exchange Conference and Appointment Meeting of Industry Experts

2019-12-06 09:09:21 Shaanxi Province Security Technology Prevention Industry Association Clicks: 34279
[ Security Exhibition Network Association News ] On December 4, the Shaanxi Provincial Security Technology Prevention Industry Association issued a notice on convening the Shaanxi Provincial Security Products Industry Association Expert Committee Technical Exchange Annual Meeting and Industry Expert Appointment Conference. The content is as follows:
Relevant leaders and industry experts:
In order to further strengthen the construction of the expert team of the Expert Committee of the Security and Safety Products Industry Association of Shaanxi Province, enhance the service industry capacity, and promote the healthy development of the security industry in our province. In accordance with the "Administrative Measures for the Expert Committee of the Shaan'an Security Association" and the annual work plan of the Association's Expert Committee, according to the needs of professional technology, the annual meeting of the Technical Exchange of the Expert Committee of the Safety and Security Products Industry Association of Shaanxi Province will be held on December 7, 2019 13: 30-18: 00 will be held in the Chongxian Hall on the fifth floor of Lanxi International Hotel (No. 9 Gaoxin Plaza, Gaoxin 4th Road, Yanta District, Xi'an). All relevant leaders and experts are requested to attend the meeting on time.
Main agenda of the meeting:
1. Report on the 2019 work report of the Association Expert Committee and the work plan of the Association Expert Committee in 2020;
2. Leaders of industry supervision departments made keynote speeches on "Xueliang Project";
3. Issue letters of appointment for newly appointed experts;
Fourth, technical exchanges.
Contact: Ma Yingkuan 13363999918
Liu Ye13572443234

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