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Notice on 2019 vocational skills training course for security engineers in Jilin Province

2019-12-05 11:21:55 Jilin Province Security Association Traffic: 36904
[ Security Exhibition Network Project Contact ] On December 5th, Jilin Provincial Society of Public Safety Products Industry Association issued a notice on holding the 2019 Jilin Provincial Security Engineer Vocational Skills Training Course. The content is as follows:
Each member unit:
In order to further improve the standardized management of safety and security companies, improve the technical level of security engineering companies in Jilin Province, improve the overall quality and management level of security engineering managers, promote the healthy development of the industry, and build a platform for experience exchange and cooperation between security companies in Jilin , Jilin Provincial Society of Public Safety Products Industry Association, together with China Security Exhibition Network , will hold a professional training course for Jilin Province security engineers on December 12-13, 2019 , and issue training qualification certificates for those who pass the exam. The relevant matters are notified as follows:
I. Training content and schedule
Training content: technical specifications for security engineering, security engineering construction, security engineering project management, engineering cost and overall process cost management, security engineering industry management, standards, technology application status and development trends, Xueliang project construction and application, etc.

Training locations
Changchun Hongshihui Business Hotel 4th Floor (No. 3000 Dongsheng Street, Erdao District, Changchun City, Jilin Province, Northeast Direction of the Intersection of Dongsheng Street Auxiliary Road and Jingwei Road)
Nearby buses:
Get off at Line 4, 233, 301, 102, 103, 115, 130, and 142 at Jingwei Road.

3. Registration time and place
Registration time: 10: 00-20: 00 , December 11, 2019
Registration Location: 4th Floor, Changchun Hongshihui Business Hotel
Training costs
The training fee is 800 yuan / person (including the cost of teaching materials, certificate costs, training hours, lunch fees, venue rental fees, etc.), and pay cash at the registration site. At that time, China Security Exhibition Network will issue a "training service fee" invoice.
V. Other matters needing attention
1. Participants prepare one 2- inch color recent bareheaded photo with the unit and name on the back (for training qualification certificate), submit it to the conference affairs team when registering, and receive training materials at the same time.
2. During the training, participants should pay attention to the lecture, take notes carefully, turn the mobile phone to a silent or vibration state, do not make loud noises or walk around at will, and keep the training venue quiet.
3. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the room. Do not litter paper and other debris. Please keep the venue clean and tidy.
Contact and contact information
Association Secretariat: Ma Yujing 0431-85829531
Jilin Provincial Society of Public Safety Products Industry
December 5, 2019

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