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Lan Sheng Communication: Based on user needs to improve product quality

——Interview with Liu Jin, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Lansheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
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[ Interview with Security Exhibition Network ] Integrated wiring has always been an important part of the security system construction. With the application of cloud computing, big data and other technologies in the security industry, the demand for the network in the security industry is also increasing. Now, integrated wiring has been It has become a new industry with a large investment scale and a large number of participants, supporting the connection, interworking and operation of security systems. So, what kind of products are needed by the security industry? What are the new products and technologies in the field of cables?
At the 17th China International Social and Public Security Expo 2019 (hereinafter referred to as "2019 Shenzhen Security Expo"), Security Exhibition Network entered the enterprise booth as an invited media and cooperated with Zhejiang Lansheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Communication ") Deputy General Manager Liu Jin started a conversation.

Liu Jin, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Lansheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Develop practical products based on user needs
In the highly competitive security market, only by understanding the needs of users can we develop products suitable for the market. Lansheng Communication has always been from the perspective of users, and is user-oriented, and develops products that can truly solve the pain points of users.
At present, there are conventional ordinary cabinets, integrated cabinets, and modular computer rooms on the market. Modular computer rooms are mainly used in large computer rooms. However, for small computer rooms, ordinary cabinet functions are difficult to meet the needs. The control cabinet contains temperature and humidity sensors, smoke alarms , access control, and mobile APP. Users can watch the operating status remotely for 24 hours, which has a high cost performance.
In addition, Liu Jin mentioned that in integrated wiring work, cable management is a very easy to ignore link. The large number of cables and the messy layout lead to the difficulty of finding a line. To facilitate the management of cables and construction and maintenance, Lansheng Communication Development There are two products, one is the electronic distribution frame, which can help users manage the wiring points and monitor the link status in real time, which can effectively improve the maintenance and management level of the wiring system; The electronic distribution frame can be timely, and the smart hunting jumper is equipped with imported chips and batteries, which can quickly solve the problem of hunting, and with LED lights, it can effectively prevent the wrong pull and play a role in lighting.
Continuously enrich product lines and adhere to quality
With continuous digging, Lansheng Communication has also made great progress, and enriching product lines has become one of the company's key points. Since its establishment in 2012, Lansheng Communication has achieved great success. At present, Lansheng Communication has established power line factories, sheet metal factories, cabinet factories, and network cable factories. It can use existing equipment to increase the production of high-quality products of different types and types of products to meet the market's different requirements for similar products.
With high attention to user needs and good product quality, Lansheng Communication's products have been applied in medical, transportation, government and other fields, and have achieved good results.
After the interview, Liu Jin said that Lansheng Communication will continue to adhere to the concept of "quality is upholding, integrity creates value", and from the perspective of customers, continue to develop more convenient and practical products.
About Zhejiang Zhejiang Lansheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Since its establishment in 2012, Zhejiang Lansheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has been providing users with cost-effective integrated wiring, security cables, optical fiber distribution, data room products and technical operation services. It currently has integrated wiring plant areas, optical cable plant areas, and Ningbo's Cabinet factory and Dongyang Security Cable Factory, etc.

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