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Control the frontiers of the “Vision” industry and pursue high-end quality

——Interview with Ye Weifei, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Meishi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
2019-11-22 11:43:05 Security Exhibition Website Author: Ling Yin Hits: 59998
[ Interview with Security Exhibition Network ] From the 2G era to the 4G era, audio and video technologies have gone through the development process from PC audio and video playback software to high-definition players to real-time interaction. At present, audio and video are accelerating the integration with AI, 5G information display and other fields, and continue to spawn new business formats and business models. At the same time, video technology is undergoing a key evolution from digital standard definition, high definition to ultra high definition, driving video capture, production, transmission and presentation. And so on to accelerate and change. At present, China's ultra-high-definition video industry has broken through several short board links, and each link in the industry chain is poised for development.
At the 2019 Shenzhen Expo, Guangzhou Meishi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVCiT Meishi"), an innovation leader in the field of intelligent display and control of the mid-range video industry chain of ultra-high-definition video, was unveiled. As a professional security network media, Security Exhibition Network continues to pay attention to industry hotspots and focus on corporate development. It has a special dialogue with Mr. Ye Weifei, AVCiT's deputy general manager, and asked him to talk about how AVCiT has grasped the development pulse of the audio and video industry.
Ye Weifei, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Meishi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Looking at the world and innovating, speeding up the response of command and dispatch
"Don't be afraid to see the clouds and be in the high-level," in recent years, with the improvement of the overall strength, Chinese security companies have set their sights on overseas, showing a trend of going global.
AVCiT, which continuously expands its overseas business and strives to become a leader, adjusted its brand in 2017, reorganized, summarized, and upgraded its past developments to refine and confirm the corporate mission of “viewing the horizon, creating extraordinary”, and also serving as the AVCiT ’s charm. Slogan of Shishi is committed to becoming a global industry benchmark.
As we all know, technological innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprises going abroad and the inexhaustible motive force for sustainable development. AVCiT focuses on the audio and video field, constantly seeking new technological breakthroughs, and has been at the forefront of the industry. At the Shenzhen Expo, AVCiT's elaborate "integrated solution for the intelligent display and control of the new era command center" allows commanders to grasp the situation and issue instructions, instead of passively switching between multiple systems. Breaking the "chimney" barriers for vertical applications has refreshed the audience.
Ye Weifei pointed out that 2019 coincides with the first anniversary of the establishment of the Emergency Management Department. AVCiT will continue to focus on the emergency industry with market potential, and continuously create and optimize products and technologies that meet the needs of the industry's pain points and meet the trend of the times. Three-dimensional, flexible integrated command chain.
Pursuing picture quality and reshaping clear "view"
As we all know, command and dispatch are inseparable from the need for big data visualization. Especially for command centers, high-definition image presentation and real-time synchronous transmission are particularly important. Because the resolution of HD video is much higher than that of general format video, the bit rate of HD video is very high. How to achieve ultra-high-definition and high-quality picture presentation under ultra-low bandwidth is a question worth pondering and discussing.
Because 5G has high-speed, large-capacity, low-latency and other characteristics, it can support the simultaneous transmission of multiple high-definition videos, while the H.265 standard is designed to transmit higher-quality network video under limited bandwidth, requiring only half the original bandwidth. You can play videos of the same quality, and support 4K and 8K ultra high-definition video at the same time, so that network video can keep up with the pace of "high resolution" of the display. Therefore, the combination of the two will lead to a qualitative leap in the audio and video industry.
Ye Weifei said that the arrival of 5G is not just an evolution of communication technology, but a qualitative change that will completely move mobile internet to the intelligent connection of all things. It is an extremely important development opportunity for the audio and video industry. For example, under the 5G network, remote locations Connected, mobile command will be easy to implement. AVCiT is based on the real needs of customers. Its high color depth and low bit rate image processing technology based on 4: 4: 4 encoding and decoding can realize the transmission of high quality images with low bit rate (4-20M). Inter-level rendering of ultra-high-definition images realized with low bandwidth usage effectively solves the problems of high-bit-rate products in the case of multi-channel parallel screen freezes, tearing, and other issues, and provides key information resources for command scheduling, decision deployment.
Concluding remarks: "Those who do not seek the overall situation, do not seek a city; those who do not seek the world, do not seek a moment." In the future, AVCiT will continue to provide products and services based on market-oriented and new technology as the basis for customer recognition. And kindness.

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