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Weimar Networks: Building intercom upgrade is urgently needed to solve the problem of homogeneity

——Interview with Liu Haiming, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Weimar Network Technology Co., Ltd.
2019-11-12 15:05:47 Security Exhibition Website Author: Ling Yin Hits: 55859
[ Interview with Security Exhibition Network ] As we all know, the building intercom system originated in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. By using building intercom, visitors, residents and property management centers can communicate with each other, exchange information, and manage the access control of residential security in multi-story or high-rise buildings.
From the end of the 1980s to the beginning of the 1990s, foreign manufacturers of building intercom systems successively came to China to open up the market, and the domestic building intercom industry began to be affected by this. Although the domestic building intercom industry has developed late, benefiting from the booming real estate industry and the wave of security information technology construction, the Chinese building intercom industry continues to grow rapidly.
As a professional security network media, Security Exhibition Network continues to focus on industry hotspots and focus on enterprise development. At the just-concluded 2019 Shenzhen Expo, Security Exhibition Network and Liu Haiming, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Weimar Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weimar Network), talked about the development of the building intercom industry.
Liu Haiming, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Weimar Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Using craftsmanship as the driving force of production to avoid falling into the mire of homogeneity
As the entrance to the community and family links, building intercom has the entrance property, becoming an increasingly indispensable part. But after decades of development of the traditional building intercom industry, it has fallen into a cycle where security equipment often enters-the problem of homogenization is serious. Liu Haiming introduced that through the inspection at the Shenzhen Expo, it was found that the products of the building intercom industry, and even some peripheral related industries, have the problem of product homogeneity, and they are basically moving towards the cloud and platform.
When differentiation becomes a scarcity, how can companies capture the hearts of customers? Via the introduction of high-tech electronic products from the United States and Taiwan's industrial operation model, Weimar Networks has established a sound R & D, design, manufacturing, inspection, and maintenance system based on the mature electronics industry chain in the Pearl River Delta. Humanization, at the same time comply with the development trend of the security industry, expand to the AIOT field, and carry out technological innovation and functional extension around intelligent platforms.
Pay attention to the development of smart home market, usher in a new dawn of building intercom
With the increasing homogeneity of the traditional building intercom industry, the emergence of smart homes and smart communities has brought new development opportunities to the building intercom industry. As one of the important scenes of security landing, smart home has become the next development outlet of building intercom. Building intercom companies have inherent advantages in entering the field of smart homes. For example, in terms of market promotion, the engineering channel, realtor resources, and self-built channels that building intercom companies have accumulated for many years will undoubtedly become important to boost the development of the smart home market. Weight.
In addition, the building intercom system shows a trend of integration with smart homes and integrated platform services. In addition to the traditional intercom unlock function, the building intercom combined with smart home also integrates many convenient functions such as SMS notification, mobile APP remote control, security alarm, indoor monitoring and viewing, and home control.
As a company focusing on building intercom and innovating and developing in the field of smart homes, Weimar Power Electronics focuses on customer needs and meets the needs of the intelligent era. At present, has two major brands: WEEMA and BETLOM. The products are divided into three categories: smart home digital intercom system, full network cable intelligent building intercom system, and iris smart intercom. They are widely used in smart communities , commercial buildings, and governments. Institutions, schools, stations, etc. At the same time, Weimar's integrated power management cloud platform can cooperate with the public security system to perform big data analysis and processing, help mobile personnel control, and contribute to the construction of a safe city.
Conclusion: Under the torrent of the Internet economy, the technological changes of building products are changing rapidly. With the gradual standardization of national standards and the gradual increase of industry thresholds, the concentration of smart buildings will also increase. As a Sino-U.S. Joint venture, Weimar Grid will welcome greater development space by virtue of its advantages in resources and technology.

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