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Sanrun Electronics: Expanding Business Scenarios to Accelerate Technology R & D

——Interview with Deng Dahang, Technical Director of Zhuhai Sanrun Electronics Co., Ltd.
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[ Interview with Security Exhibition Network ] In the history of film development, the addition of sound has made silent films live. Similarly, in the field of video surveillance, the addition of audio surveillance has made security surveillance systems no longer stage "silent movies". With the development of technology, users' demands for monitoring systems have changed from "visible" to "clear" and "audible". The development of video and audio has become an industry consensus. So, which scenarios have greater demand for audio and video products? What are the difficulties in the product landing process, and what are the future technological development trends?
For this reason, during the Shenzhen Security Expo 2019, Security Exhibition Network interviewed Deng Dahang, the technical director of Zhuhai Sanrun Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sanrun Electronics"), and the two parties started discussions on the topic of audio and video product applications.

Deng Dahang, Technical Director, Zhuhai Sanrun Electronics Co., Ltd.
Expand business scenarios and improve product integration
As the application of audio and video technology gradually deepens, we find that the application scenarios of audio and video technology are far more than imagined, and the application scale is getting larger and larger. As an enterprise dedicated to audio and video applications in different scenarios, Sanrun Electronics has always adhered to the business philosophy and principle of "technology, attention to customers, attention to details", and provides scenario-based solutions for users in different industries.
Among them, the more representative scenes are video broadcasting, internal communication systems, and AI face data collection. As we all know, both data acquisition and transmission face standard problems. In this regard, Sanrun Electronics strives to promote the standardization of product docking interfaces, which also makes Sanrun's products highly integrated with other systems. For example, the communication fusion system under Sanrun Electronics can not only be used for internal communications, but also be integrated with broadcasting systems and video surveillance systems . It has a high degree of integration and is suitable for parking, residential, and shopping malls.
Driven by the continuous in-depth application of products, the performance of Sanrun Electronics has continued to grow. Deng Dahang predicts that the company's performance will increase by more than 30% in 2019 and will further expand its business scenarios in the future.
Meet individual needs and increase investment in technology research and development
As can be seen from the above, audio and video technologies have been integrated into various scenarios. However, in the process of communicating with customers, Sanrun Electronics found that the combination of technology and new scenarios still needs to be polished, and the development team's transformation of the customer's original business also caused differences in product business experience. Therefore, in order to fully meet the individual needs of customers, Sanrun Electronics will implement a product customization development strategy to reduce product production costs and accelerate market coverage.
Of course, nowadays, audio and video applications are on the rise. Enterprises not only need to meet the individual needs of customers, but also need to broaden the space for technological innovation and increase investment in product research and development.
In this regard, Sanrun Electronics is more optimistic about artificial intelligence technology. Deng Dahang said that Sanrun Electronics will keep up with the innovation of AI terminal products, grasp the future development trend, accelerate the transformation of core technologies through product upgrades and development research, quickly form new products, explore new profit growth points, and further enhance the company's market. Competitiveness.
Conclusion: Generally speaking, audio and video is a very important part of the security industry. At present, the market scale is continuously expanding and it is in a period of development opportunities. While complying with the tide of industry development, Sanrun Electronics is also focusing on customer needs, actively exploring new fields, developing new technologies, empowering all walks of life, and providing customers with a more convenient experience.

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