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China Television Electronics: Grounded in Identification for 15 Years to Enhance Information Security Credibility

——Interview with Sun Xiaoli, General Manager of the Identification Division of Shenzhen Huashi Electronic Read-write Equipment Co., Ltd.
2019-11-12 10:24:19 Security Exhibition Website Author: Ling Yin Hits: 62362
[ Interview with Security Exhibition Network ] With the invention of the Internet, modern identification systems have begun to reach their historical turning point. At present, new identification technologies are constantly being applied, and they penetrate and merge with each other. According to a report released by information services company Experian, advanced authentication methods are rapidly being implemented in China, with 74% of consumers viewing security as an important factor in their online experience, followed by convenience.
At the just-concluded 2019 Shenzhen Expo, Shenzhen Huashi Electronic Read-Write Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huashi Electronics"), as a leader in China's identification industry and a provider of public security card application solutions, exhibited identity, Innovative products in the field of smart policing. Security Exhibition Network, as a professional security network media, walked into the booth of Huashi Electronics, hit the wonderful products, and invited Sun Xiaoli, the general manager of Huashi Electronic Identification Division to talk about the issues related to identity recognition.
Sun Xiaoli, General Manager of China TV Electronic Identification Division
Focus on the field of intelligent identification and deeply cultivate industry customers
As an important entry security link under the intelligent trend, identity recognition will be extended in the horizontal and vertical directions. At the same time, enterprises and government users are increasingly demanding functionality, convenience, and security. Medium and large-scale application systems that combine multiple biometric methods have become the general direction of identity development.
China Vision Electronics, which takes the identity card as its root, has sold more than 2 million resident ID card reading tools. At present, there are still more than 1 million tools in public security, political law, industry and commerce, taxation, customs, human society, transportation, finance, Applications in petrochemical, communications, aviation and other industries. At the Expo, the full-featured passport discriminator and trusted identification equipment that CETV exhibited were also well received by the audience.
China TV Electronic Passport Authenticator
China TV Electronic Trusted Identification Machine
Huashi electronic face recognition terminal
Sun Xiaoli said that in the past 15 years, CETV has focused on the field of identification and rooted in customers in the industry. It has transitioned from simple machine-readable ID card identification to fingerprint ID card reading, and from single ID card reading to foreign residence permits, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residence permits The verification and identification of multiple documents such as passports of various countries, and the transformation of AI face recognition terminal products, each step is solid and stable.
Focus on information security to ensure a smooth experience
In 2019, CETV has mainly developed products in two directions: identification and smart police. When users use related products, authentication is an essential part.
Because authentication allows applications to easily track real users, it also provides data access in return. Therefore, identity not only becomes a means to authenticate a person, but also a means to collect user behavior data. It's not hard to imagine that this data would be dangerous if it fell into ulterior motivated platforms or individuals.
As society increasingly embraces a technological and digital lifestyle, companies and institutions need to take more responsibility for the protection of user information. Sun Xiaoli believes that, as a member unit of the Zhongguancun Anxin Network Identity Authentication Industry Alliance, Huashi Electronics will exert its own value in such aspects as privacy protection, cross-domain interconnection, and trusted authentication, and participate in the development and promotion of multi-department security and trusted verification environments. Create new products and create more convenient and secure solutions for the public service industry.
Concluding remarks: Where the benefits are, walk with the times. The future of identity will be pinned on intelligence, passive identification and identity verification, and improved customer experience. As a company with a large stock in the market, Huashi Electronics will continue to adhere to "make identification safer and make life smarter", using big data, cloud computing, and Internet cutting-edge technologies to inject strong power into the development of the identification industry.

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