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Innovative industry Wanglongyun empowers intelligent buildings with strong vitality

2019-11-11 10:54:48 Wanglong Intelligent Clicks: 37764
[ Security Exhibition Network Exhibition Report ] As a biennial industry event, the 17th China International Social Public Safety Expo successfully concluded at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This year's Security Expo will use "smart security, smart cities , artificial intelligence, big data" As the theme, it gathered 1100 exhibitors, with a total of more than 100,000 exhibitors, showing the world the strength of China's security technology at this stage, and depicting the magnificent prospects of the intelligent security industry.
This year's Anbo, Wanglong brought a full range of IoT products, technologies and non-sensing traffic solutions to the 2C59 Building No. 2 Intelligent Building. The cutting-edge technology and novel products, the solutions attracted many visitors and experienced Media tracking reports.
Innovative Industry Wanglongyun Elevates Amazing Expo

As the core engine of a new round of industrial upgrading, artificial intelligence is becoming a new driving force for the development of science and technology in China. It has spawned new technologies, new products, new industries, and new models. Products equipped with artificial intelligence technology have gradually come into our sight. The Expo also ushered in the landing of a number of heavyweight innovative products.
So, what kind of disruptive innovation will there be when traditional elevators and advanced artificial intelligence technology?
As one of Wanglong won the national invention and launched one of the innovative products, the cloud elevator integrates 5G + AI technology, and independently develops the elevator control method based on the cloud-based elevator control system, allowing the elevator to go to the cloud, and enabling the mobile terminal to view the floor where the elevator is located. And running status, it can also realize many powerful functions such as indoor visual calling and WeChat riding, binding property, and third-party docking.
Wanglongyun Elevator empowers intelligent buildings with strong vitality

With the rapid development of technology, face recognition technology has become popular, and robots are about to be fully used. This requires products to be online to continue to meet the changing needs of the future. The invention of Wanglongyun elevator brings infinite possibilities to the elevator industry, empowers the industry to be intelligent, creates a brand new elevator experience, and enables the technology to better serve the improvement of living quality and the system that empowers buildings with a strong vitality:
1. WeChat ride, indoor call: You can check the floor where the elevator is located through WeChat or mobile APP, and you can call the elevator indoors, that is, you can call the elevator to the floor, which greatly saves the waiting time of the user and improves To improve user accessibility;
2. Solve the visitor's passage: Open the visitor's passage through the mobile APP or WeChat, iteratively replace the intercom system, and solve the visitor's passage;
3. Non-sense traffic: use face recognition to take the elevator, and cooperate with access control and intercom to liberate hands and enter the community throughout the whole process without feelings, and build a smart IoT ecological community;
4. Robot traffic: Support robots to ride by ladders autonomously to build an ecological environment where humans and machines live in harmony;
5. Binding property: The use of cloud elevator can be tied to the property, restricting the rights of residents who owe the elevator to take the elevator, and improving the collection rate of property fees;
6. Non-destructive installation: The cloud elevator is installed without cutting lines and non-destructive to protect the integrity of the elevator and continuously improve the elevator function online;
7. Intelligent core: Intelligent device core with cloud platform, unlimited access and unlimited output, flexible application in the world of everything connected.

Face recognition and robots are the development trend of the times. Robot service will become an important part of life and work. Deploying robot applications with a long-term perspective is the choice of the times and the necessary condition to occupy the high ground of science and technology in the construction of smart communities. Intelligent buildings must not only consider the passage of people and cars, but also the passage of robots.
If a building uses a backward system product, it will inevitably fail to improve the sense of experience, and at the same time it cannot meet the rigid requirements for the passage of robots. A backward system, like a chicken rib, is unfortunately dismantled, and continued use fails to meet the requirements. The use of Wanglongyun elevator system can continuously enjoy the superior experience brought by the system upgrade, and constantly adapt to the rigid needs of the development of the Internet of Things.

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