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Suzhou Electronics Expo successfully concludes

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[ Security Exhibition Network Exhibition Report ] November 6-8, 2019, hosted by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Jiangsu Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, Suzhou City The eighteenth China (Suzhou) Electronic Information Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou Electronic Expo") hosted by the people's government was grandly held at the Suzhou International Expo Center, with an exhibition area of 35,000 square meters, which attracted more than 400 companies to participate. Security Exhibition Network, as a professional security network media for exhibition cooperation, was invited to walk in the progress hall, and enjoyed it!

With the theme of “Smart Meeting to Create the Future”, the Suzhou Electronic Expo is divided into three major exhibition areas: Industrial Internet, Smart Empowerment, and Convergence. It focuses on the fields of semiconductor, intelligent manufacturing, robotics, and 5G. Technology, introduction and cultivation of advanced enterprises in the field of electronic information. The exhibition has a special "Industrial Internet to Suzhou" exhibition area, which is used to showcase the development achievements of Suzhou Industrial Internet, cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence industry. It is called the "city card" of Suzhou. It is worth noting that the security industry display brought by security companies has also become a beautiful scene on the scene.

The security leader Hikvision booth brought smart fire, thermal imaging, emergency rescue command and other module demonstrations. Among them, the "two pools, one library and four platforms" were the key showcases, which are software and hardware system products that implement the specific framework of Hikvision AI Cloud integrated computing. , The audience can also watch the Hikvision AI open platform algorithm model release process at the scene.

Huawei's new venture into intelligent security showcased the FusionPlant industrial Internet platform based on ICT technology accumulation and manufacturing experience. The product consists of edge computing, network inside and outside the factory, trusted IaaS layer, and industrial PaaS layer. It is reported that the platform has been applied to the "365" project of Jiangsu Province's Industrial Internet innovation and development, adding to the project's smooth progress.

Suzhou local security and featured enterprises. Suzhou Kodak ’s video conferencing and video surveillance services are evenly divided. Its exhibitions are divided into video conferencing, monitoring effects, mobile applications, and face-to-face communication. It focuses on its software and hardware development, equipment manufacturing, and Competence in technical services.

The ETC parking lot equipment brought by Suzhou Deya, through the intelligent upgrade of the original parking system, adopts the full-featured model of ETC + scan code + non-inductive payment, which can realize exit without parking, fast entry, fast exit, and quick payment.

Weimar Netcom combines building intercom system and smart home system, and focuses on displaying multiple smart locks and intercom products. It is understood that its smart lock uses cutting-edge virtual password technology to prevent fingerprint residues to ensure information security.
The professional manufacturer of burglar alarm, Ou security, brings audiences with perimeter anti-intrusion products such as campus security alarm systems, fully automatic intelligent lifting columns and electronic fences, laser beams, etc., which can be used for home security, community security, campus security, etc. Users in various industries tailor-made the overall solution of the intelligent anti-theft alarm system.

With the networked alarm system as its core, Shun An Ju, this time mainly brings the display of the networked alarm system and the smart community system. During the live demonstration, when a worker presses the emergency button of the networked alarm system, the software platform displays the specific location where the alarm message was issued, in order to assist the public security department to achieve rapid response, networked assistance, and call the nearest police.

Dikai Technology, specializing in lightning protection industry, has accumulated experience in solution design in various fields. A wide range of products on the booth, including direct lightning protection, surge protectors, backup protectors, surge protectors, power lightning protection modules, lightning protection sockets, etc., will provide peace of mind for lightning protection.
The 2019 Suzhou Electronic Expo has come to a successful conclusion. As an important communication and cooperation platform that is relevant to overseas related scientific research institutions, experts, scholars and enterprises, the wonderful exhibition of products and technologies brought by the security industry is believed to also bring about the development of the electronic information industry. New motivation and inspiration, meanwhile, it will play an active role in enhancing technical exchanges and cooperation in the security industry and promoting the development of the security industry.

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