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Long-distance multi-mode camera M30 won the "Golden Tripod Award" and came to the end of Shenzhen Acer Hongshi Technology

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[ Security Exhibition Network Exhibition Report ] On October 31, the 17th China International Social Public Safety Expo successfully concluded at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As a security event in the industry, this exhibition attracts world-renowned security vendors to compete on the same stage, presenting a feast of security technology to audiences at home and abroad, and showing the world's strong rise in the security industry.
Wuhan Hongshi Technology Co., Ltd. also harvested fruitful results at this exhibition. For a four-day exhibition, the guests of Hongshi Technology booth were crowded and crowded. The cutting-edge iris recognition technology in the industry, the appearance of heavy new products, typical cases of industry applications, and a professional explanation service team impressed the guests. Looking back at the entire exhibition, Hongshi technology has been full of achievements!
Won the "Golden Tripod Award" long-range iris camera M30
The intelligent tracking iris face multi-mode camera M30, which was unveiled at the booth of Hongshi Technology, shined in the audience and attracted much attention. The short four-day circle has attracted numerous audiences at home and abroad to experience it in person. Leading guests from the public safety industry such as the public security system and the Smart Supervision Institute highly appreciate the iris camera M30. Financial security industries such as vault management, bank information construction industry customers, well-known domestic security vendors and large overseas security system integrators have conducted in-depth exchanges and negotiations with us, expressing strong cooperation intentions.

What's more worth mentioning is that on October 27, the honor list of the 2019 “Ambo Jinding Award” was announced, and the intelligent tracking iris face multi-mode camera M30 won the 2019 “Ambo Jinding Award” in one fell swoop. The "Golden Tripod Award", as the product award of the Expo, represents the honor of products in the public safety industry. The award-winning products have both technological innovation strength, high standards and high standards of product quality. They have always been among the top-quality and famous products of security products, and have provided opportunities for global buyers to reach front-end high-tech products for a long time. The intelligent tracking iris face multi-mode camera M30 has won this honor, and it can be said to be well-deserved.

The long-distance multi-mode camera M30 is equipped with the iris recognition ASIC core Q80 chip that was successfully developed in September 2018 by iris technology. It combines long-distance intelligent tracking, high-resolution iris image capture, automatic detection of human faces, and forensic iris images. . It realizes that in the case of long distance and wide range, it can still locate and clearly capture the iris image of both eyes, and can complete the rapid comparison. This product solves the problems such as the short distance of use and poor user experience that currently exist in iris products, enhances the ease of use of the product, improves the user experience, and greatly broadens the application scope and field of iris recognition. And strengthen the adaptability of iris recognition in a single application scenario.
Full range of security products gathers the audience's eyes
In this exhibition, in addition to the intelligent tracking iris face multi-mode camera M30, the iris booth has attracted a lot of attention. The newly developed iris access control equipment, large-scale iris library special acquisition equipment, and dry core Q80 iris module also attracted a large number of guests. Look, its strength should not be underestimated.
“It can automatically detect human faces and capture high-resolution iris images. It does n’t take us a lot of effort to find the angle, and it can be quickly recognized at a glance. It is very convenient, fast, intelligent and easy to use.” From the iris face access control machine D40 left to the exhibitors to experience the impression of the audience. Industrial safety industry such as coal mine safety production system integrator, national grid engineering company, and urban safety industry such as smart building security system integrator, after experiencing the iris access control machine D40, they had a more in-depth negotiation and cooperation with us.

Hongshi Technology's iris module based on the dry core Q80 chip has not appeared in large-scale exhibitions for the first time, but the audience's attention to him has not diminished. It is still the focus of the smart home industry, and is widely favored by smart door lock manufacturers, access control equipment manufacturers, and biometric door lock product agents. Several manufacturers had strong purchase intentions on the site, and they immediately took samples to test, and made an appointment to visit the company headquarters after the exhibition to find more cooperation opportunities.

In addition, the large-scale iris criminal investigation building special collection equipment C21, which was selected by the Ministry of Public Security's "Iris Data Collection Terminal Qualified Products and Manufacturers List" was also brought to the exhibition site. Its excellent product use experience, super fast acquisition speed, and iris image quality are impressive.
Several large media interviews
At this exhibition, Rainbow Technology has received extensive attention from all walks of life. The company's technology research and development strength and product quality have been widely recognized by users in the industry. A large number of prospective customers have been harvested at the exhibition site. The Hongzhi booth also attracted a number of large-scale media to conduct on-site interviews. Well-known industry media such as and have visited the scene. They paid close attention to Hongshi's core technology, the industry's rare iris chip, industry applications, and the company's future development direction. China Security Media, a large-scale media designated by the Security Fair, also expressed strong interest in Hongshi's core technology and a series of new security products.
(The picture shows Ms. Yi Qingling, the company's representative brand marketing manager, was invited to participate in a live interview with Zhian Internet of Things)
During the four-day exhibition, Rainbow Technology has achieved a lot of results. All this is inseparable from the solidarity, mutual responsibility and hard work of the team of Hongsi Technology Exhibition. The carefully arranged exhibition booths, professional and patient explanations, and warm and thoughtful service, one by one showed the rainbow style, leaving a good impression on the guests. In the future, Hongshi Technology will, as always, strive to create an industry benchmark image and provide users with high-level, high-quality, high-security iris recognition technology, products and services. Let iris recognition technology be applied to all aspects of life, provide strong technical support and safety guarantee for public safety and social security management and daily life, so that each user can truly enjoy the intelligence, convenience, safety and comfort brought by modern technology!

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