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2019 Fujian Province Security Engineering Enterprise Management Staff Training Course Held Successfully

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[ Security Exhibition Network Project Contact Meeting ] On September 23, the 2019 Fujian Province Security Engineering Enterprise Management Training Course was successfully held in Fuzhou Meilun Hotel. This conference was jointly organized by Fujian Public Security Industry Association and Security Exhibition Network. Zhang Shumin, Executive Secretary-General of Fujian Public Security Industry Association, and Zhang Chunyu, General Manager of Security Exhibition Network respectively delivered opening speeches. The training course was organized by China Electronics Engineering Design Institute Lecturer Ma Honghao gave a lecture. Nearly 200 students from the members of the association attended the meeting.

meeting venue
General Manager Zhang Chunyu first extended a warm welcome to all participants. The Security Exhibition Network and the Fujian Security Association have always maintained a close relationship, and they are paying close attention to changes in industry standards and industry dynamics. Last year, the Security Exhibition Network and the Fujian Security Association successfully held the 2018 training class at the same location. One year later, in order to better promote the development of the security industry in Fujian Province, it helps enterprise managers to learn about new industry standards and new products and technologies. This year, a training course for management personnel of security enterprises will be held again. I hope that all students can earnestly participate and learn from it.
Zhang Chunyu, General Manager of Security Exhibition Network
Secretary-General Zhang Shumin said in his speech that the training course is an important activity in the improvement of the quality of the security industry in Fujian Province. Through detailed interpretation of national standards and the description of bidding documents, the operation process of security enterprises is standardized to make the security industry in Fujian Province The overall level of quality has been improved. Later, Secretary-General Zhang Shumin affirmed the achievements of last year's training class, encouraged students and teachers to interact and communicate more with each other, and cherished rare learning opportunities.
Zhang Shumin, Executive Secretary General of Fujian Public Security Industry Association
The training session started formally. Teacher Ma Honghao provided theoretical explanations and case sharing to provide easy-to-understand lectures from engineering costing, pricing, maintenance, and project bidding document production, implementation, and acceptance. Identified the important nodes in the daily project construction for the trainees, and analyzed the development trends and characteristics of new security technologies, new products and new solutions.
The trainees conducted standardized learning on the company's work through training, learned about the industry's trend, carried out interactive communication with teachers, and recorded important documents and requirements. In the communication, everyone said that the learning content of the course was very helpful, and the training content will be used reasonably and fully value in the future.
Ma Honghao, Lecturer, China Electronic Engineering Design Institute
Student shooting record
During the training course, combined with the analysis of new products and technologies, Beijing Blue Card Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guangtuo Information Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Bluebird Electronics Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Cube Holdings Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Yuedao Industrial Co., Ltd. brought Product demonstration and solution explanation.
Business sharing
Through the vivid and concise explanations from the manufacturers, the participating engineering companies had a strong interest in displaying the products. During the break, the crowd was crowded, and the students experienced the new products and technologies at close range and conducted in-depth exchanges with the manufacturers.
This training course established a communication and communication platform for security engineers and manufacturers, which directly and effectively strengthened the connection between engineers and manufacturers. The meeting received unanimous praise from members of the association and representatives of manufacturers in various places. Cooperation and advancement to promote the good development of the Fujian security industry has always been the common purpose of the Fujian Security Association and the Security Exhibition Network. In the future, the two sides will maintain their original intentions and contribute to the development of Fujian security. The 2019 Fujian Province Security Engineering Enterprise Management Training Course was successfully held.

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