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With the gradual development of the construction of smart cities, a batch of smart light poles are put into use in various places, and smart light poles are becoming an important part of the new generation of urban information infrastructure ... [Details]

With the rapid development of technological innovation, cutting-edge technologies represented by face recognition and vehicle recognition are being applied in the management of public rental housing communities, [ ... ]

For public rental housing, safety and compliance is one of the important links in its operation management. Security companies involved in access control, property management, building intercom, license plate recognition ... [Details]

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Xueliang Project National Flowering Security Enterprise Participates Together

Xueliang project blossoms across the country

In the "Internet +" era, big data and cloud computing are in the ascendant. The Xueliang project has realized the extension of public security precautions to the masses and launched [details]

Security plays an important role in an unmanned economy

In the era of unmanned economy, security plays an important role

"Unmanned economy" reflects the rapid arrival of new lifestyles and production methods, as well as the rapid and rapid development of science and technology. With no [details]

China Emergency Industry Security Support

China Emergency Industry Security Support

In recent years, China's emergency industry has risen rapidly and continued to develop, and has played an important role in responding to emergencies. The emergency industry is related to the people's livelihood, and security should be applied [details]

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