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The 14th Guangxi International Social Public Safety Product of 2020

Development time:
End Time:
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Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center

Until the end of the show

75 days

广西安全技术防范行业协会 Organizer Guangxi Security Technology Prevention Industry Association

Exhibition Introduction

Held concurrently: 20 20 years of IoT technology applications . Smart home. Intelligent transportation and parking lot management ( Guangxi ) exhibition
Guangxi Security Technology Prevention Industry Association Annual General Meeting
Product Matchmaking Meeting for Smart City Smart Government Projects

[ Exhibition Introduction ]
With the "three orientations" given to Guangxi by the central government and new opportunities for the construction of the southbound channel, focusing on the "One Belt One Road" and China-ASEAN countries and regional industrial development needs, the establishment of "innovation-driven services 'One Belt One Road' construction" Help promote the west to build an 'Southbound, North Union, East Rong, and West Open' open structure "gather high-end intelligence to help Guangxi's open development; in order to ensure the maintenance of social security and stability, play security prevention technology and products in building a" harmonious society "and" wisdom The important role of "city" construction "2020 Guangxi International Social Public Safety Products and Anti-Terrorism Police Equipment Exhibition" and March 13-March 15, 2020 will be held in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall B1B2B3! . The theme of this exhibition is "smart city, artificial intelligence, snow project". Strive to build an excellent platform for exhibiting companies to find business opportunities, extensive contact with customers, and understand the development of the industry, and give full play to its role as a window for transmitting market information and exchanging advanced technology. Through the effectiveness of the exhibition, the purpose is to establish a communication bridge between security brands. Supply and demand parties are invited to show themselves, exchange technology, seek cooperation, and trade negotiations.
[ Time schedule ]
Registration and exhibition: March 11-12 , 20 (AM 8: 30-PM 18:00)
Opening: March 13 , 20 (AM 9:00)
Exhibition period: March 13 , 2010 to March 15 , 20 (AM 9 : 0 0-PM 16 : 30 )
Withdrawal: March 15 , 20 (PM 1 5 : 00)
[ Exhibition Scope ]
◆ Internet + Wisdom Government Wisdom Wisdom Construction Wisdom Education IT Services Wisdom Park Wisdom Statistics Wisdom Human Society Wisdom Sports Wisdom Culture Wisdom Community Wisdom Food Safety Wisdom
Smart security products : Smart government video surveillance, LED display, burglar alarm, access control, access control card, intelligent building, biometrics, public broadcasting, integrated wiring, security protection, lightning protection system, storage equipment, satellite positioning, geographic information Systems, police equipment, anti-terrorism equipment, smart homes, and other social and public safety products.
Police equipment counter-terrorism emergency equipment : law enforcement equipment, protective equipment, warning lights, security inspection and detonation, technical detection equipment, communication equipment, police traffic, emergency rescue, road management, police robots, drones, police communication equipment , Police vehicles and special vehicles logistics support, police uniforms, police uniform materials and police decoration, military food, etc.
Smart home products : intelligent entertainment systems: background music systems, digital living room systems, home theater systems, audio and video sharing systems; smart community systems: smart property management, e-commerce services, smart retirement, smart medical care; smart door and window control systems, smart Shading system; intelligent lighting system; smart home appliances, smart touch panels, smart remote controls, smart switches; smart kitchen and bathroom products; smart home energy-saving systems, HVAC control systems, fresh air control systems, hot water and water treatment systems; Hotel intelligent products, hotel room intelligent control system, hotel intelligent management system; smart robots, human-computer interaction technology; smart wearable terminal equipment: smart watches, motion trackers, smart glasses, smart bracelets, driving treasures, wireless charging boards, 3D printing, etc .; communication networks and components, wireless control and management systems, centralized control and remote control, sensors, actuators; intelligent software, operating systems and APP applications; other smart home, smart wearable products, technologies, applications, etc.
Intelligent transportation and intelligent parking products : parking equipment (garage), vehicle access management and monitoring system, emergency contact system, vehicle guidance system, parking lot alarm system, entrance control system, license plate recognition system, parking space display and guidance system, parking Control and information systems, toll control systems, ETC non-stop tolls, bus operation and dispatching systems, electronic bus stops, bus ticket management, real-time video surveillance and emergency for buses, taxi call planning and management, traffic management and law enforcement instruments , Police law enforcement vehicles, body control systems, body collision avoidance systems, vehicle anti-theft and anti-theft systems, GPS personnel and vehicle positioning equipment, parking lot design software, parking lot management software, data communication equipment, wireless communication equipment, traffic information collection and Emergency handling platform, traffic command and control platform, highway toll collection (lane, station, center) management, other intelligent parking products.
[ Exhibition Fees ]
This year, a standard booth will be set up (a fascia board, a negotiating table, two chairs, two lamps, and a 220V power socket)
Special exhibition area: (3m × 3m) 7200 yuan / booth, four starting rents, standard exhibition area A: (3m × 3m) 6800 yuan / booth.
Standard exhibition area B: (3m × 3m) 6000 yuan / bare space of exhibition space : 70 yuan / square meter, starting from 36 square meters;
[Specially Sponsored] In order to better publicize well-known security companies and brand-name security products, this exhibition will feature exclusive diamond-level,
Gold, silver and three levels of sponsorship. Details of sponsorship programs are available upon request.
[ Charging standards for conference journals and other advertisements ]
In addition to being widely distributed to competent authorities and related associations and exhibitors during the conference, the catalogue is also distributed to domestic and foreign industry professionals and relevant distribution agents through the organizer. Free listing of exhibitors or product introductions in the conference catalogue
The size of the conference catalogue is 285 × 210 for large offset 16 color offsets (text description, no more than 200 words, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to delete)

Invitation cards: 10,000 yuan / 10,000 copies of inflatable arches: 58,000 yuan / an outdoor truss large- scale inkjet advertising 11 × 9 meters, which costs 8,000 yuan.
[ Promotion ]
Professional media promotion: The organizing committee will publish exhibition information on more than forty professional media, magazines, and websites, such as "HC360 HC Network • Security Industry Channel", "Security Market News", "International Intelligent Building" Security Exhibition Network, Zhongan Internet, Tianan Network, Global Security Network, China Security Industry Network, China Public Security Network, China Security Network, China Security Technology Network, China Security Product Network, etc.
Invite public security, customs, finance, education, urban construction, airports, border crossings, fire brigade, electricity, water conservancy, mining, criminal investigation, aviation, financial security, security supervision, colleges, real estate, post and telecommunications to the southwest provinces and ASEAN countries before the launch. , Transportation, real estate developers, electric power intelligent systems, engineering design units and other units with engineering projects, issued 100,000 invitations to visit and attached a letter, statistics of people who have clearly stated that they want to visit this exhibition, and also list them Need to purchase products and products of interest. In the invitation process and invitation cards issued before the exhibition, professional visitors were clearly targeted to provide a platform for one-to-one negotiation and cooperation between exhibitors.
The online column of the 2019 Guangxi International Society for Public Safety Products and Anti-Terrorism Police Equipment Exhibition will timely transmit new information of the exhibition and conduct company and product promotion for registered exhibitors; meanwhile, it will link with major professional networks to make the exhibition The information can be disseminated more widely, and the influence of the exhibition is continuously expanding. Major media in the province publicize: set up exhibition special editions in Guangxi Daily, South China Morning Post, Today News, and other mainstream media in the province, such as Guangxi Xi'an Defense Network, to track reports in real time.
● Invite professional visitors by mailing invitations, sending electronic invitations, telephones, etc. using the database resources accumulated by the organizer
● The organizer issues notification documents for visiting the exhibition, and informs member units to visit by mail, phone, mail, etc.
Before the conference, the exhibition opening notice will be issued by telephone, mail, text message, invitation invitation by ordinary mail, etc.
● Multi-dimensional promotion of the exhibition through new forms such as Weibo, WeChat public account, Baidu promotion;
[ Exhibition Procedure ]
1. Exhibitors fill in the application form for participation and scan or fax it to the Organizing Committee after stamping.
2. Please remit the participation fee to the account of the Organizing Committee within 5 days of applying for the booth, so as to indicate the confirmation of the booth, otherwise the original booth cannot be guaranteed.
The organizing committee has the right to automatically cancel or adjust the booth without any payment.
3. The principle of booth order allocation: "Apply first, pay first, arrange first".
4. The exhibitor quits halfway after registration, and the deposit paid by the exhibitor will not be refunded.
5. Participants' accommodation, product transportation, special decoration and other matters will be subject to the "Exhibition Conference Notice".
▉Conference Organizing Committee
Address: Room 711, Unit 1, Metropolis Story, No. 8 Minzhu Road, Nanning, Guangxi Zip Code: 530023
Phone: 0771—56 47565 Fax: 0771-5654723
Website: E-mail:
Visitor registration:
Guangxi Security Smart City Address Book Security Exhibition Public Account: gzwxab Communication WeChat: gxabzh
Contact: Tian Hao + WeChat: 13978863039 QQ409093507

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