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The 18th China (Zhengzhou) Social Public Safety Products Expo

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Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Until the end of the show

57 days

河南优汇文化传媒有限公司 Organizer Henan Youhui Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Introduction

Zhengzhou, as an important part of the central region, has risen in the tide of reform and opening up in the new era, and has become an important node city of the “Belt and Road”. It is also a national central city and a new first-tier city. With the major benefits brought by the national "Internet of Things +" strategy and the comprehensive development of projects such as the "smart city" and "Xueliang Project", as the center of Kyushu, the prospects and markets of the security industry in Henan and other regions have become increasingly prominent.
At the 17th Zhengzhou Amber Expo in 2019, there were over 40,000 on-site visitors, and the number of on-site orders surpassed the previous results. The company reported that the exhibition had a good effect, which increased confidence and expectations for the Expo, and strengthened its determination to continue to participate in the 2020 exhibition.
The 18th Zhengzhou International Expo will be held at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 6th to 8th, 2020. The exhibition area is 18,000 square meters. It is planned to invite more than 500 brand exhibitors to adapt to industries and enterprises with a new image and a new functional pattern. New changes in transformation, upgrading and development, in addition to displaying traditional security products, will present more cutting-edge technology products such as artificial intelligence, big data, and smart security, open up the closed loop of the industrial chain, create more business opportunities, and help enterprises seize more market share.
Exhibition highlights
1 Open the annual professional security exhibition, seize the opportunity
As the opening professional security exhibition, the company opens the opportunity for one year of marketing promotion through the exhibition to develop new customers and develop new channels; visitors can order products, seek agents, distributors, and contact suppliers and manufacturers to achieve docking and planning. layout.
2 Midwest Influential Security Exhibition
The 17 sessions have been successfully held, serving a total of over 6,500+ companies, receiving 420,000+ professional visitors, and a professional buyer cluster highlighting the effects of the exhibition, which has formed a certain influence in the industry.
3 Integrate into the communication section to demonstrate cutting-edge high-tech strength
China (Zhengzhou) Communications and Information Technology Expo is held at the same time, which provides manufacturers of information industry with a complete industry chain of manufacturers, operators, system integrators, network infrastructure providers, software developers, Internet, cloud computing, big data, information Security, Internet of Things and other enterprises a perfect platform for aggregation, display, exchange and negotiation and cooperation.
Range of exhibition
1 Security: video surveillance, burglar alarm, access control system, parking lot management system, building intercom, access control card, public broadcasting system, security door, community security system, etc.
Police equipment: criminal investigations, anti-drug technology equipment, law enforcement systems, protective equipment, security detonation, anti-terrorism equipment, police communication equipment, police vehicles, etc.
Emergency rescue: exploration testing equipment, security and lifesaving equipment, personal protective equipment, fire fighting equipment, etc.
Biometrics: fingerprint recognition, face recognition, intelligent detection system, intelligent identification system, etc.
2 Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing: smart healthcare, smart transportation, smart community, smart education, smart home (smart home, smart door lock), etc.
3 Communication information: basic operation and service providers, network infrastructure manufacturers, 5G, value-added service providers, system integrators / solution providers, test equipment and service providers, smart terminal manufacturers, edge computing, cloud Service providers, information security, chip and component manufacturers, etc.
(I) Audience composition
Telecom operators, security suppliers, agency dealers, engineering service providers, system integrators, buyers, trade retailers, end users, government agencies, public security, finance, schools, hospitals, property units, technology product use, management units New technology focus groups
(II) Admission channels
1 Organize the participation of member units through relevant associations and departments
2 To the telecommunications operators in the six central provinces, the city and county public security bureaus, city and county public security science and technology information, network supervisors, traffic police, loading and other offices, prisons, military enterprises, hospitals, schools, mining coal units, bank outlets, and petroleum units Invitations from tourist attractions and projects under construction and unbuilt;
3 Send a commissioner to visit the major professional markets in 18 provinces and cities in the province, and invite professional visitors "face-to-face" to regularly submit exhibition tickets, exhibition guides and newsletters;
4 Using database resources, make one-to-one phone invitations to security dealers, agents, buyers, end users, etc., to do community operations, "point-to-point" SMS invitations, and regularly send industry and related enterprise information;
5 Baidu online promotion, professional market advertising, professional media cooperation, self-media operation, comprehensive release of exhibition information and news in the industry;
6 For the professional audiences in 18 cities and nearly 50 counties (population counties with a population of over 600,000) in Henan Province, and the surrounding provinces and cities in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei and other provinces, special group tours and free shuttle bus services are provided.
A Special decoration booth (raw space): ¥ 800 / ㎡
The bare land does not include any configuration, starting from 36 ㎡; it does not include the management fee for building booths and electricity costs.
B Standard booth (9㎡): ¥ 7500
Three-sided exhibition board, carpet, one table and two chairs, three spotlights, one 220V / power socket and company fascia board (show logo, exhibitor name and booth number)
contact us
Company Name: Henan Youhui Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 104, Building 35, Zone B, Zhengdong Commercial Center, Zhengzhou
Contact: Peng Liuzhen 18538726507

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