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2020 The 8th Guangzhou International Self-service Sales System and Facilities Expo

Development time:
End Time:
Exhibition location:
Guangzhou · Canton Fair Complex Area B

Until the end of the show

52 days

中国商业联合会智慧商业分会、广东省经销商商会、亚洲商业与办公供应商联盟协会、 广东鸿威国际会展集团有 Organizers: China Business Federation Smart Commerce Branch, Guangdong Dealer Chamber of Commerce, Asian Business and Office Suppliers Association Association, Guangdong Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group

Exhibition Introduction

Organizational Unit>>>>
Asian Association of Business and Office Suppliers, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Economic and Trade Development Promotion Association of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Association of Foreign Economic Cooperation Enterprises, Asia-Pacific Self-help Sales Industry Federation
International Institutions ››››
Asia Pacific Self-Service Vending Industry Association (APVA), Taiwan Vending Association, Polish Vending Association (PSV), Japan Vending Association (JVMA), American Vending Association (NAMA), Australian Vending Association (AVA), Mexican Vending Association (ARROVA), Italian Vending Machine Industry Association (CONFIDA), Spanish Vending Machine Association (ANEDA), German Vending Association Professional Committee (BDV), British Vending Association (AVA), Russian National Automatic Vending Association (RNVA), French Vending Association NAVSA, Danish Automation Association (DAFA), Swiss Vending Association (VVS), Swedish Vending Association (SVF)
Support Units>>>>
Beijing Yinhaizhixing Trading Co., Ltd., Qingdao Easy Touch Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Junpeng Yifeng Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Laile Intelligent Co., Ltd., Shanghai Miquan Vending Machine Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Saijie Vending Machine Co., Ltd. Company, Shanghai Yunye Trading Co., Ltd., Tenghou (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Bailunji Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hunan Zhonggu Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zhouyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. , Japan TKB International Trade Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yerong Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Boshen Vending Machine Co., Ltd., Guangdong Convenience Technology Co., Ltd., AI Convention / Guangdong Kangyun Multidimensional Vision Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Xingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Jiubo Tower Vending Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Chengdu Lancai Rising Sun Trading Co., Ltd., Hunan Jinma Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Fuji Electric (China) Co., Ltd., China United Property Insurance Co., Ltd., Beijing Friends Bao Online Co., Ltd., Kerry International Business (North Beijing) Co., Ltd. Original CPI, Zhongheng International Leasing Co., Ltd., Beijing Fulei Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Blue Sky Port Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Ganlai Information Technology Co., Ltd., Fuyou Wande (Wuhan) Trading Co., Ltd., Ningbo Fenghua Zhiyue Vending Machine Parts Co., Ltd., Guohong Shengyuan Dinghui Management Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.
CSF2019 review ››››
The four halls are linked, with an exhibition area of nearly 50,000 square meters and more than 70,000 visitors, including more than 6,000 overseas visitors. It has created a large number of visitors in previous exhibitions, a strong lineup, and a huge leap forward. It has become a popular and large-scale exhibition in the global self-service sales industry.
During the exhibition, the Asia-Pacific Self-help Sales Industry Summit Forum, the Second China New Retail Summit Forum, and Chinese and foreign merchants' dinners were hosted. Comprehensively presented the advanced concepts, models and development directions of the domestic and foreign self-service vending industry. Theoretical discussions and exchanges strengthened and guided the development of China's self-service vending industry, and promoted exchanges at home and abroad in different regions, industries, and fields. The friendship has promoted the development of the self-service sales industry.

Foreign business gathering ››››

Exhibitor Evaluation ››››

Buyer docking ››››
 2019 Guangzhou International Vending Machine Show visitors mainly from China, Lebanon, Egypt, Peru, Rome, the United States, Denmark, Zimbabwe, Sweden, India, Spain, Brazil, Australia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Italy, Mexico, Georgia, Nigeria, the Netherlands , Bulgaria, Ghana, Nepal, Malaysia, Germany, Latin America, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, Mauritius, Switzerland, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, Bangladesh, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Singapore, Dubai, Guatemala, Slovakia, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, France, Iran, Kenya, Kuwait, Oman, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Denmark, Iraq, Pennsylvania, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Countries such as Taiwan. The eighth Guangzhou International Sales Fair in 2020 will continue to increase its international promotion efforts, and to match and dock with professional exhibitors recommended by procurement requirements.
Customer exhibitors and buyers. Issue invitations to exhibitors' target audiences through media, SMS, email, fax, internet promotion, magazine promotion, telephone, letter (invitation + ticket) invitation. Mainly include: exhibitor partners, long-term cooperative buyers, national / international vending machine operators, local operating units (national airports, bus stations, hospitals, banks, theaters, museums, high-speed rail stations, train stations, subway stations , Parks, exhibition centers, schools, children's palaces, stadiums, KTV, disco bars, cinemas, hotels, hypermarkets, shopping malls, etc.), industry associations, media, government agencies, food and beverage dealers and other leaders in charge invite .
Range of exhibition>>>>
1.Various types of self-service vending machines
Food and beverage vending machines;
 Sell heated food-type vending machines such as fast-food box lunches, noodles, potato chips, and pizza;
特殊 Special automatic juice vending machines such as freshly squeezed juice;
 Fresh vegetables, fruits and meat type vending machines;
Used to sell cosmetics, medicines, flowers / potted plants, magazines / newspapers, etc.
A full range of combined vending machines for unmanned convenience stores and unmanned stores;
Automatic water vending machine and self-serve ice cream machine;
Open the door and pick up the refrigerator;
Self-service coffee machine;
Vending machines, card vending machines, self-service change machines and self-service equipment;
Various types of new vending machines;
2. Gift-type vending machines and self-service leisure and entertainment equipment:
Capsule machine, baby catch machine, cigarette clip machine, automatic gift vending machine, candy machine, scissors machine, coin machine, scissors gift machine, double gift machine, baby gift machine, push toy gift machine, children gift machine, WeChat Advertising gift machine, sugar digging machine, wall-mounted doll machine, promotional game machine, somatosensory gift machine; self-service jukebox, self-service massage chair, etc.
3. Vending parts and materials:
Case, glass door, router, RFID technology, vending machine touch display, power supply, sheet metal case, lighting, micro motor, spring, electromagnet, timing belt, wiring harness, lock, switch, cargo lane, button, and supporting products Self-help milker, coffee cup, cup holder, cup setter, coffee spoon, coffee and tea packaging materials, etc .;
4. Fast-moving consumer goods sold through vending machines:
Products suitable for sale on vending machines such as bottled / canned beverages, mineral and distilled water, small packaged convenience foods;
5. Payment system and self-sale technology:
Coin system, coin acceptor / return device, banknote identifier, contactless IC card, non-cash payment system, WeChat payment system, UnionPay payment system; vending machine software / hardware; smart shopping terminal, handheld / desktop POS machine, etc ; Remote monitoring system, route operation system, data collection and reporting system, wireless communication system, GPS global positioning system, e-commerce applications, etc .; short-range communication terminals, short-range wireless communication chips, short-range wireless data transmission modules, Bluetooth transmission systems ;
6. Operation service companies for vending service products:
Food and beverage suppliers, vending machine special product suppliers, vending machine solution providers, related certification bodies, related media, magazines and websites.
Exhibiting fees ››››
Standard booth domestic enterprises (RMB) 13,800 yuan / 3m × 3m (three sides of the board (2.5 meters high), one negotiating table, two folding chairs, two fluorescent lamps, Chinese and English fascia boards, trash baskets, carpets;
Overseas enterprises (USD) $ 2600 / piece, luxury standard booth domestic enterprises (RMB) 15,800 yuan / piece, overseas enterprises (USD) $ 3000 / piece
Domestic enterprises (RMB) start at 1500 yuan / m236m2, excluding any facilities. Exhibitors need to design and decorate themselves. The organizing committee will charge a special installation management fee of RMB 50 yuan / m2.
Overseas Enterprise (USD) $ 260 / m2
Note: Domestic companies with double-open booths will be charged an additional RMB500 per booth fee, and foreign companies with double-open booths will be charged an additional USD10% booth fee.
Advertising costs ›››› (Ad layout is designed by advertisers)
Cover 18,000 yuan gate ticket 12,000 yuan 20,000 pieces
Back cover 15,000 yuan Exhibition tote bag 50,000 yuan 10,000
扉 Page 10,000 yuan Color inner page 5000 yuan
Cover two / three, cross-edition 9,000 yuan black and white inner page / company profile 3,000 yuan
Visitor Guide Advertisement 30,000 yuan / 10,000 advertisements for visitor certificate 30,000 yuan / 10,000 advertisement
Exhibiting Procedure ››››
After the exhibitors have confirmed their participation, please determine the location of the booth, fill out the “Exhibition Application Form” in detail, and affix the official seal, copy the copy of the business license with the official seal and send it to the Organizing Committee Office (address below). Exhibitors remit within five working days. Please send the remittance slip to the organizing committee. After the organizing committee receives the payment, it will send the exhibitor's manual to the exhibitors.
Organizer Contact Information ›››› Guangdong Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.
Contact: Zhao Huazhen
Mobile phone: 18718846159 (WeChat) Phone: 020-36657000 Transfer contact
Website: Fax: 020-36657099
Email: Q Q: 3328753733
Office Address: 7th Floor, West Tower, Poly World Trade Center, 1000 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

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