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2020 20th Hunan Smart Security Police Equipment and Emergency Rescue Product Technology Expo

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Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center

Until the end of the show

109 days

湖南省安全技术防范协会、湖南兰德时代广告传媒有限公司 Hosted by Hunan Security Technology Prevention Association, Hunan Land Times Advertising Media Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Introduction

According to data provided by the National Development and Reform Commission, in 2018, 100% of the cities at the sub-provincial level or above, including more than 76% of prefecture-level cities and 32% of county-level cities, a total of about 500 cities are accelerating the construction of new wisdom. city.
In the construction of new smart cities, safety is the cornerstone of development. Smart security involves video surveillance, access control, building intercom and other fields, and has also become an important part of the smart city IoT perception. The penetration of new smart cities into more subdivided fields will also bring a bigger market cake for security.
The "Jiangxi Conference" of the National Comprehensive Administration pointed out that the core of improving the social security prevention and control system is to improve overall efficiency. The central government has incorporated the construction of public safety video surveillance systems into the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" and the national security guarantee capacity building plan, Construction.
So far, Hunan has made great efforts to promote the construction of an information security prevention and control system. The number of video surveillance probes in public parts of the province has reached 185,000, and that of social units has exceeded 1 million.
Hunan Security Expo is a science and technology exhibition sponsored by Hunan Security Technology Prevention Association and undertaken by Hunan Land Times Advertising Media Co., Ltd. Nineteen sessions have been successfully held so far. With nearly 20 years of rough development, the Hunan Expo has become a very influential industry meeting in the central provinces, attracting nearly 20,000 industry users, system integrators, distributors, and agents to visit and purchase each year.
The 2020 Hunan Expo will be held at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center on April 16-18, 2020. The theme of the exhibition is “Smart Security, Innovative Equipment, Science and Technology, and Strong Police”. The exhibition comprehensively showcases and promotes new technologies and equipment in the fields of security, police equipment, anti-terrorism and explosion protection, and emergency rescue. At the same time, a number of industry forums such as the Hunan Smart Security Innovation Summit Forum and the Hunan Emergency Rescue Summit Forum, as well as industry solution recommendations and new technology and new product launches will be held.
Conference theme
Intelligent security innovation equipment strong technology police
Session schedule
Exhibition time: April 14-15, 2020
Exhibition time: April 16-18, 2020
Time of withdrawal: the afternoon of April 18, 2020
Exhibition highlights
[Recent industry meetings in the past 20 years, well-known Sanxiang]-19 consecutive sessions have been successfully held, serving a total of more than 3,000 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors, affecting the entire field of security upstream and downstream, for the Hunan Security Conference, related industries Regular industry meetings will be held.
[Central security industry bridgehead, seize the opportunity] Hunan is located in central China and radiates six provinces in central China. It is also a bridgehead for advanced security products from Guangdong and Shenzhen to enter the central provinces. Participating in the Hunan Security Expo is your first opportunity to seize the central security market. Station.
[Central Business Environment, Unlimited Business Opportunities]-"2018 China City Business Environment Evaluation Report" shows that of the 35 large and medium cities in the country, Changsha is the ninth and middle of the country; the soft environment index is second only to Shenzhen Second in the country.
[The competent department attaches great importance to the profession]-During the previous exhibition preparations and developments, the leaders of the provincial department, the leaders of the Science and Technology Corps of the provincial department, the leaders of the association, and the leaders of the provincial and municipal public security bureaus all came to the site to guide the work and issue documents. Relevant institutions of the province participated in the exhibition.
[Buyer Matching, Effect]-Screen the previous data before the exhibition, confirm through one-to-one telephone calls, grasp the procurement requirements of system integrators and users in advance, organize on-site docking between supply and demand to ensure the effectiveness of exhibitors and ensure the interests of exhibitors Dahua.
[Industry large group resource sharing, cooperation and win-win situation] ——The organizing committee will establish Hunan security industry resource sharing group, and divide it into several groups according to prefecture-level cities, to help exhibitors expand channels and channels for information release, product promotion, and product sales.
Concurrent activities:
1. 2020 Hunan Smart Security Innovation Application Forum 2. 2020 Hunan Smart Policing Summit
3.2020 Hunan Emergency Rescue Summit Forum 4.2019 Hunan Security Industry Honesty Unit Awarding Ceremony
Previous review
The indoor and outdoor exhibition area of the previous Hunan Expo was 13,000 square meters, which attracted China Unicom, Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, Yushi, Shenzhen DJI, Hunan Zhongtai, Wisdom Eye, Shenzhen Laibang, Henan Senyuan Hongma , Hunan Cheetah, Liad, Abison and more than 220 security and police equipment manufacturers from all over the country participated in the exhibition, and the total number of visitors in the three days was about 16,000.
The theme of the last Hunan Security Expo was “innovation, shared development”. At the same time, activities such as the “Smart Security Helping“ Ping An Hunan ”Security Construction Forum” and Hunan Public Security “Micro Reform and Micro Innovation” contest were held. Provincial Public Security Department Kexin Chief Captain Zhou Jie addressed the forum, Huawei Solution Manager Shen Ning, Assistant Co-President Li Yuanzhi of Zhongxing Technology, Xu Lei, Director of DJI Government and Enterprise Industry, Guo Yadong, Regional Sales Manager of DJI Government and Enterprise Central China, Shenzhen All things security Zhang Dongsheng and other guest speakers made wonderful technical sharing for the leaders of the provincial government departments participating in the forum, the municipal and state public security bureaus, and more than 300 colleagues in the security industry. The forum activity was a complete success and received leaders, guests And industry colleagues highly appreciate it, and hope that the organizing committee will use the forum as a feature of the exhibition, and it will continue to be held every year.
Exhibition promotion
1. For the more than 10,000 effective professional visitors accumulated over the past nineteen years, we will conduct a full-time "one-on-one" telephone, mail, and invitation invitations;
2. Guidance units and co-organizers send documents to invite related personnel or member units to visit and publish exhibition information on their publicity platforms;
3. Continuous publicity through the WeChat public account "Hunan Anbo" from the media platform, timely updates, and strengthening the interaction between exhibitors and professional visitors;
4. Effectively manage and set up the Hunan Security Industry Resource Sharing Group, and broaden the channels and channels for interaction between exhibitions, exhibitors and buyers;
5. Post advertisements on more than 50, online media and industry media, and continuously release exhibition news;
6. Traveling more than 20 domestic influential professional exhibitions of the same type, distributing tickets and invitations;
7. Go to Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other provinces to distribute tickets to electronic cities and computer cities, and invite local system integrators and engineering contractors to visit;
8. Customize exclusive electronic invitations and paper invitations for exhibitors for free, and invite professional audiences simultaneously;
9. At the exhibition site, more than 20 Hunan provincial and Changsha city-level plane, television, and radio media were invited to report intensively.
Audience source
1. Government agencies: Public Security Section, Loading, Financial Security, Procuratorate, Court, Prison, Customs, Fire Fighting, Traffic Management, Urban Management, Association, etc.
2. End users: Cultural security, finance, banking, transportation, colleges, hospitals, real estate, real estate, parking lots, industrial parks, etc.
3. Design unit: Architectural Design Institute, Architectural Design Company, Planning and Design Institute, etc.
4. Engineering contractor: engineering company, construction company, basic transportation construction, system integrator, weak current integrator, decoration company, etc.
5. Enterprises in the industry: security manufacturers, agents, distributors, professional stores, etc.
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Exhibition scope
Smart security exhibition area: video surveillance equipment, burglar alarm equipment, access control card, access control equipment, building intercom equipment, smart home solutions, biometric technology and equipment, broadcast conference system, integrated wiring system, big data analysis equipment, information security technology
Police and anti-terrorism equipment exhibition area: law enforcement equipment, protective equipment, warning lights, security detonation, technical detection equipment, communication equipment, anti-terrorism equipment, police traffic equipment, drones, etc.
Emergency rescue exhibition area: exploration testing equipment, security and rescue equipment, demolition equipment, medical emergency equipment, personal protective equipment, fire fighting equipment
Smart City Pavilion: Smart Transportation Solutions, Smart Medical Solutions, Smart Community Solutions, Smart Education Solutions, Smart Financial Solutions, Cloud Computing / Big Data, IoT Products and Equipment
Booth costs

Other advertising costs

Exhibiting process
Booth and advertisement allocation principle: "Apply first, pay first, select first".
Exhibitors must pay 50% of the total participation fee as a deposit within 3 working days after the signing of the contract, and the balance must be paid within 30 working days after the signing of the contract. If the date of signing the contract is later than March 1, 2020, the full amount must be paid within 3 working days of the signing of the contract. If the non-organizing committee causes the exhibitors to be unable to participate, the paid fees will not be refunded.
Requirements for participation
1. For exhibitors who are prohibited from retailing to the public by the public security department, relevant exhibitors can only display, order, and not retail.
2. The exhibitor shall ensure that the exhibited products conform to the scope of the exhibition. If it is not within the scope of the exhibition, the organizing committee has the right to immediately cancel its booth and clean up the appearance of the booth. The cost of the booth is non-refundable. All economic and legal liabilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the exhibitor.
Organizing Committee designated collection account: Hunan Land Times Advertising Media Co., Ltd.
Bank: Changsha Bank Co., Ltd. Hengtai Branch Account: 800 2028 1710 8010
Please contact
Exhibition Department of Hunan Security Technology Prevention Association
Address: Room 1408, Renrui Xiaoxiang International, No.158 Wuyi Avenue, Furong District, Changsha City
Phone: 0731-85218559

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