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2020 The 11th Nanjing Smart City Technology and Application Products Exhibition

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China · Nanjing International Exhibition Center

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88 days

北京铭世博国际展览有限公司 Organizer Beijing Mingshibo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Introduction

In 2013, the municipal government issued the "Nanjing Ecological Civilization Construction Plan (2013-2020)", which clarified the general goals, timetable and road map for the construction of ecological civilization. Since the implementation of the plan, the city has actually taken the construction of ecological civilization as an important starting point for transforming economic development methods, achieving sustainable development, and improving the functions of provincial capitals and central cities, as an important way to highlight the characteristics of the city and enhance its core competitiveness. Adhering to the important carrier of people-oriented and protecting people's livelihood, it runs through the whole process of “adjusting structure, promoting development, and protecting people's livelihood”, and has achieved remarkable results in the construction of ecological civilization.
Significant changes have also taken place in the background, situation and basic conditions of Nanjing to promote the construction of ecological civilization. The in-depth implementation of major national strategies such as the “Belt and Road” initiative, the integration of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the Yangtze River Delta, has provided Nanjing with a new era opportunity; a new round of urban masterplan revision has been launched, Nanjing ’s urban positioning adjustment, and ecological civilization The overall idea of construction, goal setting and development path need to be optimized urgently. Facing the new situation, new changes, and new requirements, we carried out the revision of the "Plan for the Construction of Ecological Civilization in Nanjing" to further clarify the guiding ideology, goals and tasks of ecological civilization construction, and to promote the city to be in the forefront of ecological civilization construction in the new era. To build a high-quality demonstration city of ecological civilization construction and help the construction of "innovative cities and beautiful ancient capitals" has important practical guiding significance.
China International Smart City Technology and Application Products Expo will be held in Nanjing 2020 in March 2020. It is estimated that a total of 1,100 companies from 40 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, with 80,000 professional visitors from China and Asia. The exhibition area will reach 55,000 square meters. The products on display include intelligent communication network systems, smart transportation, smart home / life, network information security, Internet finance, smart charging piles, smart pensions, smart health, and smart energy. The main sources of visitors include professional buyers at all levels of government departments, economic and information commissions, industry associations, business groups, real estate companies, business owners, transportation, telecommunications, finance, public security and other industries, and agents.
Concurrent activities
Smart Construction Technology Forum
Smart City Technology and Application Product Promotion Conference
Smart City Roundtable Summit
Exhibition schedule
Registration: March 24-25, 2020
Opening Ceremony: March 26, 2020
Display transactions: March 26-28, 2020
Closing Show: March 28, 2020
Venue: Nanjing International Exhibition Center
Address: No. 88 Longjing Road, Nanjing

Exhibition data

Display range
Intelligent communication network system: Internet of Things | Cloud computing technology and equipment | RFID chips and card reader equipment | Terminal equipment | Intelligent identification product series, etc.

   Intelligent transportation: Internet of Vehicles technology | Information collection technology | Transportation information platform | Data management and analysis mining | Government decision support | Transportation information services | Hub passenger flow information | Urban public transportation management | Traffic management and law enforcement | Road traffic safety | Electromechanical systems | Electronic toll collection | Intelligent highway and vehicle safety | Port information management | Port and shipping information monitoring, etc.
Smart home / life: smart community | smart property management | smart retirement services | community e-commerce services and other smart home terminals | smart home appliances | smart gateways | visual intercom hosts | digital indoor units | handheld and embedded touch screens | multifunctional remote | Home Security Alarm Equipment | Door and Window Sensors
Network Information Security: Security Services | Physical Security Products | Network Security Systems | Click Viruses | Communication Security | Application Security | Physical Security | Security Management | Encryption Technology | Secure Payment | Access Control | Disaster Storage | Forensics Technology.
Internet finance: relying on payment | cloud computing | social networks | search engine | app and other Internet tools | Financial Services.
Smart Pension: Thematic Pension Theme Pavilion | Pension Services and Apps | Health Management System | One-click Calling System | Home Pension System, etc.
1. Booth costs: This exhibition provides two types of standard booths and empty spaces. Exhibitors can choose according to development needs.
★ Standard booth: 3mx3m = 9㎡; International exhibition area: USD, 3500 //; Domestic exhibition area: RMB9800 / double-sided opening RMB10800;
Note: The standard booth includes carpet, three-sided enclosure, company name fascia, one consulting table, two folding chairs, two spotlights, and one power socket (please specify in advance for special power consumption, and charge separately).
★ Cost of open space: International exhibition area: USD, 350 yuan / ㎡; Domestic exhibition area: RMB 1,000 yuan / ㎡ (from 36㎡)
Note: The empty space does not have any exhibition racks and facilities. In order to ensure the construction quality, each exhibitor is required to select the organizer to designate a contractor to set up your booth. No construction company is allowed to enter the venue except the designated contractor.
2. Journal advertisement: will help you strengthen your brand influence in the industry! In addition to being widely distributed during the exhibition, the catalogue is also sent to industry professionals who have not come to the exhibition through various relevant channels. The catalogue price is:
◇ Cover ¥ 25,000 yuan ◇ Front cover ¥ 18,000 yuan ◇ Front page ¥ 18,000 yuan
◇ Back cover ¥ 20,000 yuan ◇ Back cover ¥ 15,000 yuan ◇ Color inner page ¥ 8000 yuan
3. Technical exchange meeting
During the exhibition, the organizing committee will assist exhibitors to hold special technical exchange meetings in the conference room of the exhibition hall. The content is determined by the enterprise. Each audience is 300 people, and the duration is 30-60 minutes. The cost of the exchange meeting is 10,000 yuan per session, and the number of sessions is limited.
Contact: Beijing Mingshibo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Address: Room ONE901, Xinhua Street, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China
Contact: Gordon 18515556762
Phone: 010-5331 9051
Fax: 010-6056 2302

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