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2020 Jilin (Changchun) The 18th International Social Public Safety Products Expo

Development time:
End Time:
Exhibition location:
Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center

Until the end of the show

101 days

吉林省社会公共安全产品行业协会 Organizer Jilin Provincial Society of Public Safety Products Industry

Exhibition Introduction

Held concurrently: 2020 Jilin Security Products Development Forum 2020 Jilin Security Products Buyers Conference
In order to further promote the healthy development of the public safety industry in Jilin Province, speed up the construction of a harmonious society and safe Jilin, improve the overall level of equipment for crime prevention and combat crime, and accelerate the hardware and software infrastructure of urban alarm networking systems. The Jilin (Changchun) International Social Public Safety Products Expo, hosted by the Jilin Provincial Society of Public Safety Products Industry Association, and hosted by Changchun Weida Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., has successfully held 17 sessions so far. The success of the seventeenth exhibition has established its position in the China International Security Exhibition and has become one of the important and indispensable exhibition events in the Chinese security industry. On average, more than 400 exhibiting companies, more than 600 booths, an exhibition area of 15,000 square meters, and a professional audience flow of more than 50,000 people / times.
Changchun City is the provincial capital. Located in the center of the three northeastern provinces, it has a good geographical advantage. In addition, in recent years, the country's policy of rejuvenating the old industrial bases in the northeast has been tilted, and the economic development of Changchun has been rapid. Some foreign investors are optimistic about the development potential of Changchun and have increased their investment in Changchun. The growth rate of assets of large enterprise groups exceeding 500 million yuan in Changchun ranks second in the Northeast, indicating that the economic growth rate and economic growth prospects of Changchun City are relatively good, and there is a lot of room for development.
The 18th Jilin (Changchun) International Public Security Product Expo will be held on April 10-12, 2020 at the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition will surely be another high-level, large-scale, far-reaching and profound event. Grand event. This year's exhibition is based on the theme of "Safe Northeast China and Safeguards" and a new market economy operation as a means to provide a good platform for information dissemination, technology exchange and economic and trade negotiations between domestic and foreign public safety product suppliers and demanders. Here we sincerely invite domestic and foreign enterprises engaged in the research and development, production and distribution of security products to participate in the construction of the security industry in Northeast China. We will welcome you with full enthusiasm and thoughtful service.
Northeast (Changchun) Security Exhibition Title Company
Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tiandi Weiye Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Keda Technology Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Gulf Security Technology Co., Ltd., Jilin Jason Electronics Products Co., Ltd. (VOC Janus Fingerprint Lock)
media support
Zhong'an Network, Yongtai Security Network, Security Exhibition Network, China Security Industry Network, Frankfurt, Special Equipment Network, Pacific Security Network, Ying'an Network, Huaqiang Wisdom Network, Trade Network, China Cluster Communication Network, Yunxun Network, China Construction Electric, China Industrial Electrical Network, China Public Safety Equipment Network, China Police Equipment Network, China All-in-One Card Network, Sunshine Purchasing Network, Advertising Trading Network, Security Network, 88 Fire Network, Exhibition Network, China Fire Network, Du Fire Network, HC Fire Network Fire
Comprehensive and effective publicity to ensure high-quality audiences
1. Comprehensively organize reports through television, radio, newspapers, and professional magazines, and promote them as a whole.
2. Directly invite Chinese and foreign traders to visit the exhibition through direct mail, computer fax, information network and email.
3. "Pre-show Preview" introduces the exhibition effect, exhibition dynamics, exhibitors and exhibited products in detail. Before the exhibition, it is delivered to users and industry insiders for free, so as to build a bridge between buyers and suppliers in time.
4. Organize special seminars, invite industry experts to introduce and explain, strengthen exchanges between Chinese and foreign industry professionals, spread new ideas, promote new products, introduce new technologies, new processes and new materials.
5. More than 300,000 tickets and invitations have been delivered to professional users and industry professionals in a timely manner.
6. Carefully compile the "Exhibition Journal" and send it to the relevant construction, design and construction enterprises in various places to expand and enhance the market awareness of exhibitors.
7. Organize professional exhibitions of major design institutes, developers and builders through the publicity of relevant government departments, industry associations and groups, scientific research units and colleges.
8.Market advertisements. Hang banner advertisements in the professional market before and during the exhibition to increase the influence of the exhibition.
I. Timeline
Setup: April 5-7, 2020
Exhibition: April 8-10, 2020
Withdrawal: April 11, 2020
Exhibiting scope
1. Security products: video surveillance system; intelligent building protection; access control; burglar alarm; security equipment; anti-counterfeiting technology; certificate-making technology; computer network security system; public broadcasting; conference system; access control system; patrol system; bank finance Central security equipment; office security products and equipment; explosion-proof and bullet-proof composite glass; anti-theft doors, locks, cabinets, etc.
2. Home intelligent: home multimedia wiring box; home monitoring system; home security alarm; lighting control system; home entertainment system; wireless smart home system; home smart lock; smart small appliances.
3. Fire-fighting products: fire detection and alarm systems; fire-fighting vehicles and water supply equipment; fire-fighting equipment; fire-extinguishing systems; fire-extinguishing materials; fire-proof, anti-poison and smoke-exhausting equipment; various rescue and demolition tools and equipment; fire doors; fire-resistant coatings ; Fire-retardant products.
4. Police products: police protection, explosion-proof products; police equipment products, wired and wireless communications; police vehicles and banknote transport vehicles; public security command center; fingerprint identification; criminal investigation equipment; police teaching and training equipment.
5. Intelligent traffic: traffic signal command system; road monitoring and violation monitoring technology; traffic safety detection equipment; traffic communication technology; GPS positioning system; parking lot management technology.
6. Traffic safety: marking machines; wreckers; warning signs; marking paint; warning lights; road signs; signs; reflective materials and products; indication signals and production equipment; accident rescue and rescue machinery; protective isolation facilities Wait.
3. Booth specifications and charging standards
1) Standard booths: RMB 6,000 for domestic companies and USD 2,000 for overseas companies. The booths above the corners will be charged 10%. The booths include three-sided panels, lintels, two spotlights, 220v power sockets, one table and two chairs.
2) Open space in the exhibition hall (starting from 36 square meters): RMB 600 / sqm for domestic companies, USD 100 / sqm for overseas companies
3) The conference fee of 400 yuan per person includes lunch subsidies, souvenirs, etc., to participate in the organization of the conference. Non-participants are exempt.
4) Technical exchange meeting and new product release meeting: 8,000 yuan / 2 hours per session. The organizer provides venues, tables, chairs, projectors and other supporting facilities and supplies, and assists the host company to organize audiences and professionals to gather in the exhibition. Held during this period New technology and new product launches to launch new products can save a lot of manpower and funds and achieve more results with less effort than holding separate launches.
Fourth, advertising fees
The conference journal is a large-scale thirty-two format, fine color printing, and pictures and text, which are mainly distributed to user units and visiting merchants.
Advertising in the catalogue: 8,000 yuan for the front cover, 6,000 yuan for the back cover, 4,000 yuan for the second and third covers, 3,000 yuan for color inserts and 1,000 yuan for black and white inserts.
Exhibitors please send the company's text introduction (not more than 300 characters) or film (E-mail, CD, mo, etc.) to the organizing committee before March 10, 2020. The catalogue size is 140 × 210mm.
Ticket invitation advertisement: 6000 yuan / 5,000 pieces.
Off-site advertising: balloons: RMB 2,000 / pc / show period, banners: RMB 2,000 / pc / show period, Rainbow Gate advertising: RMB 6,800 / pc / show period.
Other advertisements are discussed separately.
V. Exhibiting Qualifications
The applying unit shall be an enterprise or institution registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The exhibited products shall be qualified and certified by the competent authorities at all levels and shall have a useful life of more than one year.
6. Exhibiting Measures
Please fill in the exhibition contract in detail, affix the official seal before March 8 and return it to the organizer of the conference. The booth fee will be transferred by bank wire to the account designated by the organizing committee of the conference. Please register as soon as possible.
Beneficiary Unit: Changchun Weida Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Bank: Agricultural Bank of China, Zhuhai Road, Changchun
Account number: 07131201040002939
Seven, exhibition entertainment arrangements
The conference is responsible for the short-distance transportation and storage of exhibitors from the station, the airport to the exhibition venue, and the exhibitors shall take care of the expenses. Please indicate "Jilin Changchun Security Exhibition" for delivery. Please send the delivery note to the organizer after delivery.
Consignee (Consignee): Changchun Jinli Transportation Co., Ltd.
Address: Hall 3, Convention and Exhibition Center, No. 100 Huizhan Street, Changchun City Tel: 0431-84606669
Postcode: 130033
Contact unit of the conference
Changchun Weida Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. (Director of Changchun Convention and Exhibition Industry Association)
Phone: 0431-81038923 / 13843056810
Fax: 0431-81038911
Contact: Ms. Chen Yingjie (013843056810)

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